Increase RAM by minimizing applications


A computer’s RAM plays a big role in how fast a system will respond. This is because information or data that is already in the RAM makes accessing that data faster than getting it from the hard drive. Of course, the more RAM is used by other applications, the smaller the amount of available RAM that a processor will use for other functions – and this will generally result in a general system slowdown.One way to make a system run faster is to get more RAM for your system. But this is an expensive solution. A far simpler and more cost effective method is by more conscientiously using the available RAM in your system.

In order to illustrate this, try to start any application. For example, Word. Open a few documents and then press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to access the Windows Task Manager. Go to Processes and then sort the list in a descending order based on Memory Usage. You will see that winword.exe (the executable file for Word) is near the top using a significant amount of RAM.

Now go to Word and then minimize the application. After doing this go back to Windows Task Manager and look for winword.exe again. You will immediately notice that the amount of used RAM by Word has drastically gone down.

So in order for you to maximize the usage of your computer’s RAM you should minimize each and every application that is not in use so that you can free up RAM space and thus result in a better performing system.