Slimmer but Pricier

Read the news and you will see a couple of new desktops in the market. Particularly in focus are the slimmer models from Dell which promise to be great space savers and are sure to compact the usual peripherals, much of which we see when we try and open our CPU. One has to wonder why old desktops need such space when in fact you can compress it by as much as 50% if you think about it.

Some point to ventilation or perhaps provisions for added parts that may be needed. But look a bit closely, unless you are a techie geek, chances are you will make do with what your CPU has to offer. There is no sense in pushing it if you don’t have the proper space for it.

One thing that these new slim line CPU’s carry though is cost and price. For sure they are going to cost mainly because they are in fashion and the fact that some of their inner components are specialized in nature, compressed as well and made from delicate technology manufacturers.

But the fact remains, will the demand for these slim lines be sufficient enough to justify the cost in manufacturing them? Perhaps! But you also have to consider demand. The number of techie people are indeed plenty but they are also wise buyers. They are not bound to bite instantly. For sure, they are aware that prices decline in time and during that period, that is perhaps the only time we can see the actual demand for these slimmer and modern PCs.