Toshiba Reveals Latest Notebook Model in the Satellite A305 –S6916

Toshiba has always been a reliable notebook brand and despite the commanding prices that it carries, you can be sure that it is reliable as advertised. And adding to the tradition of reliable notebooks being demanded in the market today comes the A305-S6919. With this new model now available expect another rough and tumble scenario as far as mobile device solutions from the leaders is concerned.

Toshiba offers us another great mobile solution with the Toshiba Satellite A305 –S6916. Offering good performance, it has decent speakers and touch multimedia controls. The Toshiba Satellite A305-S6916 offers up a unique design, slightly better graphics performance than the competition, and a couple fun extras that make paying more for it worthwhile.

The A305-S6916 features Toshiba’s high-gloss Fusion finish, with a pattern it calls Kinetic. It’s definitely eye-catching and sets it apart from more straightforward-looking budget laptops. The laptop is fairly thick and made even thicker by the extended battery that’s included. Instead of adding to the depth by putting the cells at the back, they’re on the bottom, lifting the entire package up off your desktop.