Know your laptop

laptop1.jpgOne of my gripes whenever I go to various online forums is that most people really do not take the time to get to know their machines or, worse, read up on what they plan to buy. How many times have we encountered people who whip out those high tech electronic gadgets that we could only dream of owning if not for the fact that we have to eat. But then when asked about those same gadgets the owners would shrug their shoulders and not even know how to properly use it? We’re talking about PDAs, cell phones, blackberries, and yes, even PCs and laptops.A couple of days ago, I was looking around online for a good but affordable laptop cooler for my trusty Acer when I stumbled onto this thread on The threadstarter was asking help in how he can upgrade the “video card” of his laptop. The guy, god bless him, obviously did not read about laptops first before he bought one. His contention for changing his video card was because he has a relative who has the “same” laptop but with an ATI GPU.

Yes, any person has a right to ask a question in any forum. But these are the kind of questions that could have been readily answered if they had taken the time to actually research the laptop that they purchase. The bad thing about just blindly buying something like a laptop is that you may actually be looking for a particular feature but then find out after you have bought it that it does not have it. Bummer, right?