Nvidia Quadro NVS 420 Graphics Card

Here is another of the many graphic cards being released in the market. The Quadro NVS 420 Graphics Card is said to be able to support up to four monitors with a resolution of 2,560 by 1,600 pixels each.

The Quadro NVS 420 is designed for smaller desktop systems that require multidisplay support. The graphic card has a total of 16 processor cores on two GPUs and a total of 512 MB of memory with a bandwidth of 11.2 GB per second per processor.

What makes this new graphics card from Nvidia is that it only consumes 40 watts of power. The card supports either Intel’s or Advanced Micro Devices’ microarchitectures as well as Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems. The NVS 420 is expected to be available next month with a suggested retail price of $499.

Nvidia has customarily been strong in the high end of the graphics market but has recently announced plans to release products in the middle of the year that would fit in low-cost mini-laptops, a fast-growing segment of the PC market.

That bit of news is surely something many PC geeks are sure to love.