Upgrading Video Cards for Competency

If you are a gamer, you will notice that through the years, each video card advances by the day. The reason behind this is not really for bragging rights but more of satisfying the demand for gaming requirements set forth by game developers for the resolution requirements to fully enjoy a worthy entertaining game.

Many of the desktop computers purchased in the past two years can still play games fairly well with even the chance of running at higher resolution provided they get a video card upgrade.

Graphics or video cards have made some outstanding performance gains the the past year that allow them to play games at higher resolutions and detail than ever before. With monitor prices dropping for larger 24-inch displays with their 1920×1200 resolutions, gamers will probably find older PCs having a harder time keeping up frame rates or even playing at these resolutions.

Thankfully, it is very easy to upgrade a computer’s graphics cards. If you are looking to give your system a boost in the 3D graphics arena, check out my selections for the best performance graphics cards if you are looking for higher resolutions or my best budget 3D graphics cards if you are looking to do some upgrades but spend a bit less.