Awesome monstermod at


The PC case modding community is one of the most robust and active on the internet. These online communities are so active and the members so helpful to one another – they practically define community. The reason for this is that their hobby – which is case modding – can be a relatively hard and technical endeavor. There are so many things to consider – mechanical, mathematical, electrical, and creative – that these factors can actually overwhelm a person much more someone who is just starting out with his hobby.The most exciting part of these communities though is that you get to see the various worklogs that case modders post so that you can see the progress of their new projects.

One project that has really caught my attention is the so called Monstermod of Willettfx. This may probably be one of the most ambitious mods I have seen. Basially, the modder is planning to put an animatronic face on his case. Animatronic puppets are used in movies, imagine the puppet in Child’s Play or even the face of the Alien in the Alien movies and you get the idea.

Willettfx has actually made his first monstermod back in 2003. But he said that he thinks that his idea is due for an upgrade so he is building a monster with animatronic features – this baby is going to be rolling his eyes and actually snarling!

Willettfx’s project is just halfway through but it is already creating a lot of buzz in the community. I look forward to seeing the finished mod in the next few weeks.