Cable management inside the PC

Yesterday, I was talking about cable management in your computer systems and how a good cable management system will make your workspace look more attractive, easier to clean and eliminate electromagnetic interference that can affect the quality of you’re your computer’s audio and video.

What you may not know though is that good cable management is not only important on your workspace, it is also crucial and important inside your computer itself. If you will look inside your PC case you will notice that it is also a mess of many wires and cables that snake all around without any rhyme or reason. You may think that since it is not seen anyway then you can leave it as is or that there is no way you can manage the cables inside the CPU. Both counts are extremely untrue. First, even if the cables inside the CPU are not seen (except of course you have a clear acrylic side panel), organized cables actually promote better airflow inside the CPU and this results in lower overall temperature inside the case. Of course, we all know that lower temperatures make your PC work more efficiently and also prolong the life of your PC components. Secondly, it is not impossible to organize the cables inside your PC. It just needs patience, a little creative thinking and lots of cable ties, electric tape, twisties and, for the more serious modder, heat shrinks.

The objective is really simple. Try to remove all of the slack from all of the wires, neatly tie them together and, if possible, put those wires in areas where it will not impede with the airflow of your fans. Once you have done this you will be amazed at just how much cleaner your CPU looks and it will also run at least a degree or two cooler.