Cool it!

case cooling.gif

Probably one of the most crucial factors when it comes to modding and overclocking your rig is the issue of cooling. In fact, cooling is one of the prime motivations for modding cases before. There was a need to lower system temperatures to prevent a system from hanging, locking up or from degrading the components and its performance. So a way to solve the problem of overheating is to cool down the system. Thus the first case mods were made to allow users to install additional fans to their systems. From there of course, modding became more than just functional but also creative.Up to now, even with PC case manufacturers already considering ambient temperature in their designs (thus the proliferation of cases with more provisions for fans) cooling is still a major problem because components are now heating up more because of faster speeds. Also of serious consideration is the fact that more enthusiasts are also overclocking their systems in order to suck the most juice of their components. Because of this, cooling is one of the most discussed topics in various overclocking and modding forums. I myself have been looking for a good source for cooling and I haven’t found it… until now.

I luckily stumbled onto to, which has a whole section just on cooling subjects, problems and solutions. I love going to one stop sites because it saves me a lot of time going from one site to another just to look for one answer. This forum is also filled with experts so that you can ask your questions and be confident that someone who is really adept at the hobby will answer your questions.