Changing Computer Themes Easily

For most Windows XP users today, there is little to consider as far as changing your current default Windows XP Theme. You can choose between two ways:

The Traditional Way

  1. Go to the Control Panel and look for the Display Icon and double click on it.
  2. Once inside, you will immediately see the current theme which is usually the Windows XP theme. If you click on the field, you will see other default themes. Normally if it is a first time installation and you haven’t downloaded any new themes, only the Windows Classic options theme will be there for you to check out.
  3. If you have downloaded any other themes, just use the browse option and point it to the directory where you placed them. Then save and apply and you get a totally new makeover.

For more themes you can apply, you can go to reliable sites such as which normally has a number of themes over there that you can download. A word of caution though. There will be a lot of sites offering free theme downloads. Unless you are sure that they are reliable based on recommendations, don’t think of even considering downloading them. They may give you more than a theme like a virus or spyware for your troubles.

The other way is of course right clicking on the main desktop. Once the menu comes out, select properties and you will get the same window as you did for the ones enumerated above. Follow each step as well.