Desktop dress-up: Themes and skins

Since the PC’s desktop is the firs thing that anyone sees of your computer it is but natural that you would have the desire to really dress it up and personalize it as a way of reflecting who you are. Of course when it comes to enhancements for your desktop there is just so much to choose from. There is actually a dearth of things that you can do with your desktop to personalize it that it may even be detrimental at some point because it may use too much memory which could slow your PC down. So if you have plans of personalizing your desktop the first rule is not to overdo it.

One of the first things you can do to personalize your desktop are through themes and skins. Even though the default settings are already passable and definitely functional its plain jane qualities will definitely not make it stand out in a crowd, so to speak. By personalizing your skin and themes you can achieve a more personalized look for your desktop by putting in a new but unified look for all of your programs and other interface. Skins employ preset graphic components as a way of updating the look of certain applications. Themes, on the other hand, unify all of the styles by matching the skins across the operating system. This is a great way of really pimping out your desktop.

Try to use a themes library like WindowsBlinds to make customizing your desktop so much easier. Once you have installed this nifty little program you can try out all of the themes and choose the one that you like.

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