Blackout OS Issue Targeting Two Issues

As far as the blackout issue today that Microsoft has been embarking on, it is obvious that it is a crackdown on the illegal and pirated use of operating systems, particularly Windows XP. Aside from a sales pitch, could it be another approach to which people endorsing the much pronged Microsoft product are also being pushed towards the age of upgrading their operating systems to Windows Vista?

It does make sense. For one, we are fully aware that Windows XP will cease to be distributed and hence no more updates shall be unleashed. With that said, it looks like Microsoft is simply justifying its stand of pulling the plug on Windows XP, a much preferred operating system today compared to the buggy Windows Vista.

So on the consumer side, you have an option; turn off the automatic updates of your Windows OS. It is the best you can do right now and as the years pass, you are running with smaller options as further bugs may no longer be given patches nor updates. Hopefully though by that time, Windows Vista has already been perfected.

As far as hardware requirements are concerned, it is a fact that you have to upgrade soon. It doesn’t have to be the whole set. Focus on the chips, motherboard, memory modules and the processor. Some may need new casings since the size of the new parts may not perfectly fit into the old casing.

This early, plan what you are going to buy. New chips are bound to be released but the good side is that new minimum required PC parts today may depreciate already by that time.