Dell Optiplex 160 Desktop

Dell is not solely focusing on the notebook business as it unveils its Dell Optiplex 160 Desktop. Desktops are not yet passé and branded ones such as the one being catered by Dell are sure to be still in demand. And with that notion, Dell aims to deliver powerful packages as preferred by desktop users today.

These days, $500 to $1,500 will net you a desktop with a dual-core CPU and enough power to run productivity apps, view and edit vacation photos, manage MP3s and videos, and even play many of today’s games, the core activities most common to families, students, and the general purpose PC user.

At $1,000 and up, you should easily be able to perform those tasks. Spend around $500, and in most cases you’ll still be able to run common tasks without delay, although 3D gaming becomes a stretch. You will definitely find a dual-core chip in a $500 desktop but Microsoft Vista could still give you trouble.

Be sure the PC is equipped with at least 1GB of memory, and it’s a good bet that you’ll be able to smoothly run Vista. Add in a 128MB graphics card, and you’ll get the Aero effects with little to no performance loss.

So with those facts and figures, you do the math. Surely, notebooks do cost much, but invest that amount in a wiser desktop and you get a more powerful desktop solution in one.

Price: $563.00