How To Delete Windows Vista Completely Part 2

So assuming you have already downloaded a DOS copy, make sure you also have the following:

1. Bootable Windows XP Installation Disk with authentic Serial Key
2. Hardware Device Drivers

As for the Windows Vista disc (normally the starter pack), set it aside and say goodbye to that irritating software that never really helped you.

And now the sweet part!

1. Using the BIOS of your computer, change the boot sequence making sure your CD drive becomes the first boot device and then the hard drive. This is to make sure that you boot up using the bootable burned DOS CD (the downloaded DOS ISO format and burned on a CDR). Once you have that configured, save your settings and continue to boot. Make sure you have the DOS CD in the hard drive.
2. Turn on your PC with the DOS CD and wait for the actual DOS system to appear in your screen.
a. Type FDISK and view the partitions. Delete all the partitions one by one until you see no partitions at all. This way you are sure no trace of Windows Vista is around.
b. Do not create partitions. You don’t have to. Once you run Windows XP, you will be asked to make partitions before you can install it so don’t worry if DOS does not allow you to create partitions.
c. Shut down the PC and replace the DOS CD with your bootable Windows XP CD.
3. Boot using the Windows XP CD. From here you can see that you can install a totally new operating system. Partition them as you wish and allow Windows XP to do its thing. It may take you about 30 minutes or less to install a new system and then place the actual device drivers as needed.

So there you have it. With such simple steps, you can delete that buggy Windows Vista and have a totally new operating system installed. If you are among the people who are finding a way to remedy the Windows Vista problem, well nothing comes easier than that!