It is All About Storage in Desktops

If you will notice in desktops, the feature that allows you to upgrade storage in the form of hard disks and optical media players bolsters the need of addressing storage issues. Unlike in laptops where hard disk changing may not always be present, the use of various hard drives such as SATA or SCSI has made all the difference in addressing the storage issue.

Storage for some desktop users would depend on what files they are pointing. Normally, it is not plainly about documents and spreadsheets. With technology offering a lot of things for the modern computer geek, audio, pictures and videos have likewise entered the fray. With that in mind, you can just imagine the space that these files would occupy and normally it can negate the usual gigabyte capacity of hard drives as well.

Laptops are not made for storage of large files. Some of these mobile computers have been equipped with higher capacity drives these days but you will notice the timing. They only offer larger storage after some time. At this age, we are already exposed to larger capacity drives, perhaps double than what laptops can carry. Why? For one thing, laptops are not designed to be storage space. They are made for assisting mobile users and not the hardcore programmer or designers.

So the next time you are wondering why desktops differ from laptops, just look beyond what they have to offer. The specifications are there but you need to look further. Storage is only one part of the entire picture for their variance.