Vista Is Far From Perfect

If you talk about Windows Operating systems, you would be best off with Windows XP for now. Windows Vista is indeed the new kid on the block as far as the latest operating system in the market is concerned but it is far from being user-friendly which is something that most Microsoft software and applications have been known for. Issues such as slower processes and even driver incompatibility problems may ensue so unless you want inconveniences, chances are you would be better off sticking to Windows XP for now.

But in case you have installed Windows Vista already, you would be best seeking the help of technology experts or web references if you do decide to downgrade to Windows XP. You are bound to experience a lot of problems, something I have encountered for the past days. Formatting is easy but if you don’t have the right software tools, you may end up not being able to use your computer for a couple of days because of it.

In short, Windows Vista is more of a problem than a solution. While there are dual boot options, it is just a waste of space on your hard drive. Imagine having software systems which you cannot use on your computer? Now that can be very frustrating. Eating up space for no use at all is something every computer owner would dread and sad to say, Windows Vista is doing just that for now.