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Every few years, the standards that are associated with computer peripherals change. For example, the previous CD-Rom standards were upgraded to CD writers, then it became DVD drives and the now, the accepted standard are DVD writers.LCD monitors are the new standard in computer displays. Though they have not yet replaced CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors completely, LCD monitors are fast rising in popularity because of their extremely sleek looks, lower power consumption and more convenient footprint on a desk.

LCD monitors at this point are still quite expensive though and thus, extra care should be given to the unit so that it will maintain its pristine condition.

Probably the most important part that should be taken care of in an LCD monitor is the screen itself. The screen is not as tough as the glass tube of a CRT. If you have an LCD screen you will notice that only a clear, thick plastic separates your fingers from the actual components of the LCD. It is imperative that you take care of your LCD screen as much as possible and prevent it from being scratched.

There is a way though of repairing a scratched LCD screen though that is inexpensive and very easy. All you need is Vaseline petroleum jelly to fill the scratch on the LCD screen. This very simple remedy works because the optical density of Vaseline more closely matches the LCD face compared to air.

All you need to do is to clean the surface of the screen and then take some Vaseline and fill the scratch with it. Gently wipe off the excess Vaseline taking care not to wipe too forcefully so that you leave some inside the scratch.

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  1. hi. im tring to do that with my laptop monitor.. will it work on my laptop monitor? and the scratches are little deep. can u please tell me if it will show clear after the Vaseline petroleum jelly dries?? will it leave any marks?? and will it look like there was no scratch??
    thank you

  2. No go here. The scratch isn’t as intrusive but still noticeable. It was a deep scratch to begin with, one of those “it wasn’t me dad” scratches!!!! :)

  3. Again with the ambiguities!

    “All you need to do is to clean the surface of the screen and then take some Vaseline and fill the scratch with it. Gently wipe off the excess Vaseline taking care not to wipe too forcefully so that you leave some inside the scratch.”

    I thought the whole idea was to fill the scratch with vaseline AND HENCE leave some vaseline inside it…??

    Unless “…taking care not to wipe too forcefully so that you leave some inside the scratch” is a reference to leaving bits of cloth or cotton swab inside the scratch…?

  4. The best method of all, which is tried and tested is:

    1) Get some wadded BRASSO (Yes!) and rub some onto the damaged surface in a circular motion applying slight pressure, (make sure the scratch is covered).

    2) Get a DREMEL (or a drill but be careful!) and put a buffer piece in and with a bit of patience (and buffering) a scatch (even deep) will be gone.

    For Deeper Scatches process may need to be repeated.
    But after first usage you should see noticable results (if using right).

  5. These are all good tricks for DIY with Zero skils…especially the vaseline one. the point is with the vaseline it is not permanant and needs re-doing every time you wipe your screen. If you pus some more effort you can achieve perfect results.

    I’ve repaired many monitors (amongst other things) wsing the following twchnique.

    Materials needed:
    1. a DREMEL with a felt cone bit (not essencial but makes does the job so much quicker…in less than a minute).
    2. Automotive Rubbing compound (toothpaste does the job too, but a lot slower! BRASSO is good too but you have to clean it very well.
    3. A piece of thick paper with a 5mm hole in the midle
    4. one aerosol of clear laquer.

    once you have all these, the process is very quick.

    Put some rubbing compound on the cratch and polish iit until it goes flat!
    In most cases the scratch is a deep one (otherwise it would’nt be visible when the screen is on) so when you finish polishing, you will notice the polished area is a bit uneven with the rest of the screen. If you look closer you will see that you have actually gone through the anti-glare coating. so time to fill the gap.

    Clean the area very well!! Then take the bit of paper and place it over the scratch. DO NOT LET IT TOUCH THE SCREEN, just keep it a few mm away. Shake the lacquer and splay little puffs through the hole. you can move the paper to cover a long scratch.

    Let it dry and switch on the monitor to see the result.

    Now what wou will end up with isa small shiny area where the scratch used to be but it will be hardly noticable when the screen is on. If you still find it annoying spray a few puffs of lacquer from a distance to create a mat effect…better practise in a piece of glass first.

    Well thats about it…and depending on how good you are in these things…the results can be amazing. This will work on any LCD TFT screen.

  6. i have a lcd screen tv and dont know how much vaseline i should use and what to wipe it with?? kleenex or what did u guys use?


  7. omg it worked! i bought a £400 24″ monitor last month and i scratched it by accident moving it, filling it with vaseline amazingly faded the scratch!!! i looked every where for a solution and you cracked it! thank you!

  8. hello….. Where can i buy a Vaseline Petroleum Jelly? Will it fade a Scratch that appears a Rainbow Effect on White, Light-Colored Background? Thanks.

  9. I have a matte LCD screen and the Vaseline method worked well. The scratch (caused by the careless movement of a power drill – ouch) is still visible, but not nearly as much as it was. It’s a good, cheap fix for minor scratches

  10. Hi, the scratch on my lcd tv is clear as in no pixels showing so it is always white. will the vasaline work for this too.

  11. Szalinski, while I’m sure that made sense when you posted it, theres nothing wrong with the post in the regard you attempt to claim. Its just because you can’t fing read.

  12. I have a scratch on my blackberry pearl screen and on top will the vaseline method work on th as well….. my car keys scratched it i think.

  13. After almost having a heart attack when I discovered a big scratch(8-9″) and little dent mark, left by a pen, created by my 3 years old daughter on my 24″ LCD DELL monitor. I decided to go and google a solution and to tell you the truth most solution are very scary. From chemicals to Rain x to scratch off with a blade. I decided to try on my own an eraser from a brand new pencil. Very softly and without putting hardly any pressure at all, using a back and forward motion try to work your way to erase the mark and belive it or not it made the scratch and dent disappeared then using a microfiber cloth, the type to clean eye glasses I finish cleaning the screen.Leaving no blemishes whatsoever I hope this is helpful for somebody. note: an old eraser may be hard and create abrassion.

  14. theres a small scratch on my 64 inch sharp aquos, only noticable when turned off. Any ideas, suggestions?

  15. That really helped.But that only a shor therm solution.Becouse if you clean your screen with some liquids
    the vasaline will go off and scratch will be back.

  16. umm my lcd was throne out of my car at like 55 mph in a bad wreck ……………. it has three deep scratches will this method sill work in these conditions?

  17. This worked amazingly well, I can’t even tell there was a scratch there before. My scratches were fairly light though, but this is about a 30 second fix and I’m quite happy with the results. Thank you so much!

  18. I have been searching for a good solution and read about this method, but after finally trying it I have to say (for minor scratches) this method works (and if you don’t freak about minor specks/don’t clean your monitor often) it pretty much is a fix, besides its better then pulling out the tools and going to town on the scratch.I actually tried the pencil method (it might have done something but it was a mechanical pencil with white eraser) and the rubbing alcohol (all I had was witch hazel – which in combination with the pencil eraser might have done something but not noticably) After putting the vaseline on there it practically vanished before my eyes. Much easier to enjoy the monitor now. I was thinking like other people and going for abrasives like toothpaste or fine grit sandpaper, even a straight razor blade, however I ignored that little voice in my head (primarily thanks to the $230 spent on the monitor) and the vaseline removed the minor scratch and it is hardly visible unless I focus in on it. I suggest this method for anyone with Minor scratches, not incredibly deep. Mind you my scratch was deep enough to feel with the fingernail but not so deep that it would fit in, so that should be how you judge it and go about fixing it. Replacing the monitor is a waste of hardware, money, and time. This scratch, as (apparently) many other scratches, were caused by either kids or not carefully moving the monitor. I thought I was going to have to stare at that scratch for ages. But this worked fine! Don’t accept No as an answer, try everything! Thanks!

  19. YAY!!!!! It totally Worked!!! I got My PSP used so it was pretty banged up and so i used the Vaseline on the ENTIRE screen and it’s all shiny now!!! :) Thanks Man!!!

  20. Thanks! I have a little scratch (not deep) in my Apple Cinema HD Display. I used your vaseline trick and it worked very well. The scratch disappeared completely.

  21. It looks like I put a hole in the fairly hard plastic screen on my brand new 37″ LCD TV. I let a tape measure go from 10 feet out and it whipped back and put a hole through the plastic about 1/16″ wide. It now shows white when viewing dark images. I took a sharp pencil and shaded the entire area with graphite. It is much better now. Light scenes show a slightly dark area but it is better than the other way around. Any suggestions on a better fix?

  22. After my 3 year old scratched my husband’s 37 inch lcd tv, hubby went ballistic. I tried a NEW white mechanical pencil eraser, and even though the scratch is still a little noticeable, it’s not nearly as bad as it was. Not even gonna try Vaseline. Thanks!

  23. hey my sharp aquos got hit by a lamp and i dont know if its a scratch. The scratch looks light brown the vasaline remedy didnt work.

  24. Mike,

    I just fixed some scratches on a Sony XBR LCD using a new pencil eraser (the light red/pink colored standard pencil eraser). Once I was done with the eraser, I just used a damp cloth to wipe the screen down and they are all gone completely. I cannot even find where they were anymore and I am a very picky person about blemishes. I am amazed at how well it worked.

    I have read that the pencil eraser does not work for some people but I can tell you for a fact that it worked for me on a new SONY XBR perfectly.

  25. Worked for me too! I was real aggravated looking at the scratch my daughter left on our 46 inch tv while trying to dust. Thanks for the tip.

  26. thank you so much for that piece of info, it worked for me, I realy thought I might have to buy new monitor or buy something to repair it.

  27. THANK YOU! Used it on a 24″ aluminum imac. Works well. Scratches are still there, but the rainbow effect is gone!

  28. fixed some scratches on a Sony LCD using a new eraser! perfect!
    its gone! thanks for this tip!

  29. I keep hearing that the vaseline works, will it work on my 40 in. LCD tv that my 3 yr. old swiped a finger nail file acrossed? Tv is only 1 month old

  30. Thanks Man :)

    Huge Gash in my screen while moving it, you can barely notice it now!

    Tip: Microfibre cloths are great for cleaning and don’t damage the screen, get them from a hardwae store :)

  31. This seems to work for us; the pencil technique!! We just bought a 40 inch TV and we have two boys who are 3 and 6 years old. The TV being only 2 weeks old had quite a few scratches as a result. Yes, the kids are still alive. :)

  32. what about a small nick in my vizio LCD its very small like the tip of a ball point pen but i notice it alot while watch you think it will help me out.

  33. Alright the wife was up moving the antenna and let it slide off the entertainment center. Now i got 2 Very small no more then quarter Inch scratches on our 37in. LCD TV Wouldn’t bother me any except where they hit are now WHITE!!! Any Ideas on how to fix that? any help would be great

  34. I read that the vaseline remedy is fine for superficial scratches, but has anyone tried it on depper scratsches that look white all the time when the TV is turned on? And if this doesn’t work for it, what can I do?

  35. Hi all,

    The Pencil technique worked fine on my Toshiba LCD TV.

    Thanks to whoever had the idea.


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