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Every few years, the standards that are associated with computer peripherals change. For example, the previous CD-Rom standards were upgraded to CD writers, then it became DVD drives and the now, the accepted standard are DVD writers.LCD monitors are the new standard in computer displays. Though they have not yet replaced CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors completely, LCD monitors are fast rising in popularity because of their extremely sleek looks, lower power consumption and more convenient footprint on a desk.

LCD monitors at this point are still quite expensive though and thus, extra care should be given to the unit so that it will maintain its pristine condition.

Probably the most important part that should be taken care of in an LCD monitor is the screen itself. The screen is not as tough as the glass tube of a CRT. If you have an LCD screen you will notice that only a clear, thick plastic separates your fingers from the actual components of the LCD. It is imperative that you take care of your LCD screen as much as possible and prevent it from being scratched.

There is a way though of repairing a scratched LCD screen though that is inexpensive and very easy. All you need is Vaseline petroleum jelly to fill the scratch on the LCD screen. This very simple remedy works because the optical density of Vaseline more closely matches the LCD face compared to air.

All you need to do is to clean the surface of the screen and then take some Vaseline and fill the scratch with it. Gently wipe off the excess Vaseline taking care not to wipe too forcefully so that you leave some inside the scratch.

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  1. To the original pc freak who posted this 3 years ago-
    My son can thank you for saving his life. I found a web of gouges from a usb cable on my mac this morning. plastic polish didn’t do much, so i searched for a solution. Vaseline? wow. amazing.
    Thank you.

  2. Wow the vaseline fix is amazing, It really helped with the scratch. I read somewhere that wrights silver polish could be used so I bought some at walmart today but decided to research a little more first. I saw the post about using the vaseline and decided to try this before opening the polish and was very impressed by it. The scratch is not completely gone but unless I am looking for the scratch I can’t even see it. Worth trying this first if you have a scratch because most of us have vaseline in the house since woman use it for makeup removal and also used if you have a baby around.

  3. My 7 year old niece just took a pair of fingernail scissors and CARVED UP my flat screen. I jumped on google to see what could be done and saw the vaseline suggestion. Just tried it. It doesn’t take away the scratches , but I must say it does lighten or minimize them.

  4. Umm I have a Lcd screen on my camera and i tried rubbing the vaseline on it and it didnt work right away. How long should I rub it before I start seeing progress? help please

  5. John, you should see progress right away, vaseline isnt an abrasive or a cleanser its just used to get in the scratch itself.

    Had a nasty nick in my moniter, still visible when i look for it but its not nearly as bad. if anyone has a more complete solution that would be great.

  6. Holy crap I actually used the eraser trick and it worked I used a soft white eraser in a circular motion with a little pressure and you can hardly tell there was a scratch. I found the pink eraser too abrasive though.

  7. lol well i got a 40 inch lcd and i drank, then woke up and there was a deep white scratch that looks like a mouse cerser onn it, im in middle of getting a upgrade to a 52 but if the store sees that scratch i dont think they will do it ,, i just cant see how any of this would work,,, it maakes no sencee

  8. I have a deep scratch on my LCD tv, that you can see light thru. is ther any thing that i can try and do to fix it.

  9. I have a apple monitor that was given to me and I had scratches all over it and I tried the mineral oil cause I had it under the sink for my wood spoons and cutting boards… I used it with the Q-tip on the scratches and I can not see them while the computer is on at all. Very nice…

  10. tried the vaseline on a 1/4 inch scratch that was (of course) right in the middle of my inspiron dell 1010 notebook—it took it right out

  11. My cat had made a tiny scratch on my brand new LCD screen. A new and soft eraser completly fixed it. (the scratch wasn’t that deep, but anoying)

    So, to the guy who came up with this ¨solution; I LOVE YOU! đŸ˜‰

  12. I tried the eraser method and that didn’t work, I haven’t tried the Vaseline thing yet but will try it and see what happens The Scratch is not that deep on my LCD so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

  13. I have a 32″ Samsung LCD. My 3 year old son was playing with a ping pong ball sized rock and threw it and it hit the tv stand..I should have taken it away, cos after a scolding he did it again and hit the tv. Im not sure if its a scratch or a crack…I don’t have vaseline but had some Anuzinc hemmohroid cream LMAO… its simmilar in consistency to vaseline and its clear. Well it didnt get rid of the mark but I no longer see a small pixilated line when there is a picture on the tv…I guess I will just have to keep the tv on at all times when hubby is home. The tv is less then a year old, and hubby freacks about finger prints on it …oooops lol

  14. no 2 pencil eraser worked great for my sharp aquos 37″ lcd took out a big scuff mark that water and my micro-fiber wouldnt touch. looks brand new

  15. I bumped into my new 24″ monitor with my RC chopper and scratched it. Thought it was the end of the nice screen. Skip the eraser/vaseline/toothpaste stuff and get a hold of some iklear cleaning cloths. It came right out, I can’t even find the scratch anymore. The wet cloth is only for cleaning and leaves some streaking, but once you gently rub with the dry cloth for 10 seconds the scratches disappear along with the streaks from the wet cloth. Great solution. I was amazed.

  16. My four and seven year old scratched the monitor on our car entertainment system and after using the petroleum jelly, it looks brand new again. I have learned my lesson, I am buying a screen protector tomorrow!

  17. Our 2yr old son decided to get creative one day with a flat-head screwdriver and my husband’s brand new 24″ LCD Monitor = deep long scrawling scratches + 1x very pissed off husband. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated…

  18. would you believe a very small of supper glue & Vasaline in the scratch does the repair but very sure its a very small amount, like on the head of a pin.

  19. Wow, I just noticed a scratch on my 42inch LCD that the kids have no idea as to how it got there!! But anyway, I did a search on how to remove scratches from flat screens and came across this site. I didn’t have any vaseline on hand at home, so I opt to try the eraser method!!! I must say that this absolutely works. The scratch is completely gone. This is amazing!! Thanks a lot for the tip!!

  20. the oil will still be there so i would just use a damp cloth and clean the screen and it seemed to get rid of the scratch…at least i dont see it like i used to…….thanks so much everyone for the tips…..

  21. My Girlfriends son who is Ten got angry with his wii game as it wouldn’t work so he thought that if he run the remote across the tv screen it would solve the problem, now I have the figure of eight scratched into my screen and sorry the Vaselene tip didn’t work but thanks anyway I guess I will have to buy a new TV. He has been grounded for a Month !

  22. Tried a combo of above for my SUV’s inbuilt Sat-Nav Display, scratched by a tipsy brother on a photographic safari!
    I first used a Dremel buffing tip with brasso. Bad idea. It did reduce the scratch somewhat, but also made more micro scratches around the area and deepened parts of the existing scratch into the next layer of film on the LCD.
    I put Vaseline on afterwards and it’s looking better. Good enough to have a chance of disguising it when I sell the vehicle. But if I place my eyes where there’s light directly refracting from the scratch, it’s still there plain-as-day (This may not usually be so evident with indoor TV’s and Monitors).
    I would not recommend doing anything invasive on a sensitive Touch Display such as this. Rather just use Vaseline until you’re 100% sure that you wont make the problem worse.
    As for that guy suggesting to spray lacquer on a Display, well, at least I’m not that dumb.

  23. i dunno, not much seems to work…..two very small nicks (scatches) on dell lcd but not that you can feel by running fingernail across….it’s almost like the scratch or whatever is on the inside of the screen…i see some green coming thru the scatch….any thoughts?

  24. I had a deep 6 inch scratch on my monitor from my 3 yr old. Don’t leave a chair near your monitor when they’re this age. I tried vaseline and the pencil eraser first but didn’t help, so I got an earbud (q-tip) out with some whitening toothpaste. After a while it started looking better but I could still notice it. That’s where i should have stopped. A while later, I saw some lacquer in a shop and tried George’s tip. When I turned the monitor on, at the edge where I sprayed, it looked like when you have water residue on your monitor and can see the individual red, green and blue pixels, except they NEVER go away. Unless you REALLY know what you’re doing, stick with the vaseline and pencil eraser trick and maybe the dremel – but be warned about the lacquer.

  25. i got a scratch in my lcd screen,it looks very bad resemblance,like white in colour when whole screen is black in colour.tell me a good solution,also tell what to do to keep it strong…

  26. It actually works!! For a slighty deeper scratch I had to go over it twice but my screen has no scratches what so ever now :)

  27. Have a Sharp 42″ LCD . ^months old and notice 2 ball point size holes in the display. Drives me crazy because you see white when it’s a dark background….Help!!!! any ideas??


  28. Thanks. The vaseline worked like magic and its cheap. I thought I was going to have to buy a $180.00 replacement part but this trick will prevent that exspense. Wow, the vaseline is invisible. Thanks.

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