Limiting the Applications of Network Participants

Most network administrators would care less of what applications are put into play. In fact, most of them would rather address the firewall and network security issues before sitting down on the actual workstations individually and check which applications should be enabled and which should go.

Such is a common practice in companies that place a lot of emphasis in making sure that their workstations adhere towards policies. Further it is a good way to ensure that no untoward infections stemming from browsing or accessing files that are not permitted on the network. Source such as floppy drives or links that anyone could get from browsing can be entirely hazardous and apparently this is where a good clamp down has to be done.

But among their priorities, this is perhaps the last of their priorities. It remains that most network administrators would do well to focus on what comes in. They can do their part by limiting the access from a remote destination within the intranet but like all viruses, they will always find a way to ruin desktop programming or workstations.

Add to the fact that users could care less of what happens to their workstation as they know that the IT or MIS people are always there to rescue them. Such may be called a petty belief but as long as it works, nothing is bound to stop them from doing so. That is perhaps one reason why most administrators have a hard time managing networks. People fail to go deeper on how to safeguard them.