Area-51 750i Gaming Desktop Unraveled

For the gamers in search of powerful desktops, chances are this is the gaming desktop you are looking for. Alienware has joined forces with Nvidia in bringing you perhaps one of the sophisticated setups that a hardcore gamer can think of.

We all know how touchy the requirements have been as far as new gaming desktops are concerned and apparently this new desktop named Area-51 750i Gaming Desktop from Alienware and Nvidia aims to satisfy the growing hardware and power requirements that has become evident for the growing number of gamers today.

“The Area-51 750i desktop is one of the most robust computers we’ve ever developed. There is something here for everyone, from the entry-level system to the high-end maxed out configuration, the Area-51 750i promises an experience that will fit your gaming needs and your budget.”

You can just check out the initial specs and see if it does indeed satisfy most of the premium requirements that gamers are being asked to be ready with:

1. Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU
2. 8GB of DDR2 Memory
3. 64-Bit OS
4. NVIDIA SLI or ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU

Price starts at $1,049.00 for the Area-51 750i gaming desktops.