Asus EEE Keyboar-Computer Released

Just how important is a keyboard? Well keyboards are the standard modes of interface and normally, people could care less of what makes them different from others. In fact, it seems that most keyboards are alike and it is just the brands that are vying for price comparison.

There are also keyboards that vary in terms of crisp and keystrokes. Some computer users prefer softer and some great key stroke pads that make composing and typing a breeze. In short, there will always be a specific requirement that keyboards have and apparently that is why some manufacturers vary in pricing.

As for the latest keyboard in the market, Asus has unveiled one of its own. Just recently, they have released the Eee keyboard, a computer built entirely into a keyboard. Many caught a glimpse of it at the recently concluded CES and it offers something different.

This isn’t the first computer to be crammed inside of a keyboard, however, it’s most certainly the best-looking to date. Packing a 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU, 1GB of DDR2 RAM and either a 16GB or 32GB SSD drive, this will be comparable to some of the other Eee line. Other features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, Wireless HDMI and a 5-inch touchscreen. It also has a regular HDMI port, VGA, 3 USB ports and audio in/out jacks. We’re still not sure what the price tag is going to be, but if they can keep the pricing close to what we’ve seen in some of the other Eee products, this could be very promising.


Mobility Radeon 4870 X2 Graphics Chip

It looks like laptops are expanding their use and it has become a preference even for people who want a laptop mainly for gaming. And though laptop manufacturers would want these mobile gadgets mainly for business use, it is one demand aspect that is certainly hard to pass up.

So the solution here is to really try and gear up the internal peripherals from the motherboard, memory and video card requirements to adhere to the demand of mobile gaming geeks. And it looks like the long rumored release of the Mobility Radeon 4870 X2 is why such has been announced.

Initially shown at this year’s CES as part of the performance powerhouse Asus W90 notebook, the Mobility Radeon 4870 X2 should become AMD’s top performing part in the mobile world, most likely surpassing Nvidia’s current mobile performance king, the GeForce 9800M GTX SLI.

This new Radeon notebook friendly graphics chip ships features core and memory clocks of 600 and 900MHz, respectively, with 1GB of graphics memory available to its disposal.

The Asus W90Vp notebook just became available today on newegg, confirming earlier rumors of this GPU release. For $2200, Asus packs a Core 2 Duo T9600 processor, a huge 18.4″ Wide UXGA screen, 6GB of memory and a single 320GB hard drive. A DVD superdrive and multiple connectivity options become obvious additions in this large, 11+ lbs. heavy chassis.


Counting the Slot Allocation of Motherboards

At times, we find ourselves wanting to install a lot of PCI slot enabled peripherals to our computer. The list includes separate network adapters, capture devices, additional USB cards or even PCI video cards. Other than these, you can also throw in an internal modem or even other external devices that any computer owner may want. In short, the type of motherboard you use for your computer should complement the user who needs it. But sometimes, the matching game for motherboards in computers is not easy.

For one, people have preferences as far as brand. Brands normally have different specs and for manufacturers such as MSI or ASUS, this is one reason why they manufacture motherboards with different model codes. In short, these codes stand for something and it is all about how complex as far as chip accommodation and slots for PCI, AGP and memory would be configured. These are done for the advanced PC users who will always go for the more features to get the most out of their computers today.

The logic behind this is that the more slots you have, the better it is for other add-ons. Technical people want to have a motherboard that can be open to anything. There are issues such as resources and compatibility for some and having excess slots, whether used or not is a privilege for them.

For the standard use however it will not matter. Just pick out the brand you want and operate a computer the standard way. If there would be add-ons, by the time this comes there will already be a new one in the market perhaps for upgrade purposes by that time.

Motherboard Choices: Asus or MSI?

If you talk about the main board of most computers these days, chances are you will be offered two boards that have good following. There are a lot of motherboard manufacturers today such as ECS and Jetway but the best bet for motherboard preferences today for middle-end quality would have to go to Asus and MSI.

Years back, these motherboard players were in equal footing but branding still has a great bearing on reliability. That is perhaps one reason why ASUS and MSI are leading the pack. They are known brands in the technology sector and apparently people do their research as well.

However, if you look at the boards, they provide practically the same features. The only thing different among them is perhaps durability and the life span of the parts used in assembling them. There will be defects at times but as long as they are discovered and occur within the warranty period, they can be easily replaced by the vendor concerned.

Apparently, most people today want to avoid these inconveniences. They are sure to be something that can leave a PC owner scratch his head for these inconvenient matters. But when you buy a computer, these are included. The only thing that has to be cleared is if and when they would occur.

So if you want some free tips, these are the hottest motherboards in the market today. Reviews are available and depending on the specs you need, they are bound to have one suitable for you.