Set a Cut-Off Date for Stored Files

Do not let storage space stop you from deleting current files such as documents and spreadsheets on your computer. If these files have been around for years, back them up and take them out of your computer. Other than taking up space, you just have to consider the worst scenarios such as hard disk crashes or imminent formatting caused by system software malfunctions that are common today.

Formatting a hard drive is the last resort but is the easiest solution when it comes to program conflicts and crashes. While there are programs that try to help you restore a system, it remains that your PC will never be the same again due to buggy installation. Overwriting may be a good option but you will notice that after you do this, your computer slows down a bit more.

So to address speed and consistency of the operating system of your computer, it would be best to clean it from scratch and start a fresh copy of your preferred Windows operating system. It is a hard decision to make but at times you are left with very few choices to make.

If you have files that have been around for over 2 years which you don’t access, just copy them to a CD or a tape drive. Do not leave them on your PC hard drive for easy access. At times you will never know when you would need to recover them and normally, backups are the best way to safeguard them in case something untoward happens to your PC.

Backups Save you a Lot of Headaches

One thing about computers is that it is really the data inside that is important. The price for getting a new one will always be there but if you weigh out the cost of one computer desktop compared to the valuable data you have inside, it is pretty obvious that no amount of money can replace the records and files you created, mostly important when you talk about work or educational means.

It is easy to buy a computer or upgrade it as you wish. But once you lose certain files, trying to recall and bring them back may be too much of a burden if not a lost cause since historical data may no longer be feasible to remember.

Some computers last for as long as 5 years. This is assuming you are doing the proper maintenance for both internal systems and external parts of the standard desktop. Imagine the number of files you have by that time which can be deleted at an instant. It will probably make you break down in tears if you think of it.

There are alternatives. The reason why optical media is offered with your computer is for you to have external backups of files just in case something undesirable happens. Whether it is the standard CDR or DVDR, what is important is you have files safe and stored somewhere outside your computer. Remember, one system crash or accidental deletion can not be undone. Backup your files and save yourself the trouble of headaches such as these caused by tactless actions you may suddenly do.

Can your Rely on the Windows XP System Restore Option?

One thing you must love about Windows XP is that they have the system restore option active at times that makes it easier for you to restore at some point after you have properly backed up your system. But along with that backup includes problems such as infected files by viruses or Trojans. That is perhaps if you noticed, that sometimes, when you have to get rid of a dreaded virus, tutorials will tell you to temporarily turn off the system restore option to make sure that you don’t leave any trace of these infections.

But the question is on whether you really need the system restore turned on. Some would turn it off to be safe while others just leave it on. This is to avoid the problems of infections at times but if you are wise, it is best to leave it on, especially if you are not too technically savvy about tinkering your operating system.

A good practice to consider is to of course set a restore point and then turn off the system restore. But before you do, make sure that this restore point is virus free and reliable. That way, you can be sure that once something unfortunate occurs, you can always rely on your backed up system to get back online.

With the system restore turned on, a lot of issues can be avoided. While you may lose some current files, it is better to lose a few rather than reformatting the whole computer and lose a lot!