Browsing Problems? Check Everything Before Panicking

At times, you may encounter a blank page on your browser. Now the initial problem is you would think that your network connection may be acting up. In some cases, that may be so but in other instances, you may also want to check out if other factors such as software or actual Internet provider options have something to do with it.

In cases of software, it may be a case when you activate firewalls for added protection. There are configurations you have to check out such as the outbound protocols and the blocked programs that access the net. Now the lesson from it all is that make sure you only configure your software in a way that you understand it and avoid playing genius. Sometimes, making quick declarations such as blocking an unknown command from a program can affect your Internet access altogether.

Check the provider by phone. You can always call them and ask if you have connection issues in your area. Apparently, this cannot be avoided since unforeseen events such as storms or even maintenance issues may require them to temporarily cut their service. That is purely a case where you cannot do much about.

There is also the usual restart option. At times, your computer may be susceptible to overload and possible hackers trying to hijack your PC. Now if the load is too heavy, system resources are bound to fly off the roof. Try to restart it if it helps. If not, the problem is really not only in your PC but perhaps the connection from outside itself.