Office Computers Plainly for Business

Most people who go to the office are bound to be equipped with their own PC these days and normally, these are given for work purposes. However, we cannot discount the possibility of perhaps surfing some sites or using our computers for other purposes. However, some companies are not as lenient and if you are not careful, you may just find yourself getting the pink slip and out in the cold looking for a new job.

The employees in question worked in half a dozen departments from Purchasing to Public Works, WPBF News 25 reported.

Human resources managers said the investigation began with a check into one employee’s e-mails and Internet history.

There is no doubt that companies mean business these days. Productivity is their main focus. And finding employees simply surfing or bumming around doing non-work related things with their computer, the position may as well be open to other people who really want to buckle down and work.

They have ways to check your computer. E-mails, instant messaging history and even your search history. All of these are cached and can be accessed in an instant. So if you want to avoid getting the boot, better avoid these sidelights unless you have a new job in mind. Certainly, this is not the time to lose a job especially that recession issues are increasing in numbers. Use your PC well!