Are We Ready for Cardboard Casings?

It is a fact that we have to find an alternative to the usual aluminum casings of PCs these days but it has to be also consistent on supporting the various components of a PC. For one, the consideration should be broadened. It is not just a case of being environmentally friendly. It needs the deliberation on after-effects like sustainability as to how far they can accommodate the PC requirement we know of.

Apparently this is not to downgrade the use of cardboard casings that were unveiled recently. The intent is good but still, are they feasible and effective. And based on the reviews they are biodegradable meaning they can disintegrate after years of use. If that were the case, would it not be contradicting the actual savings of a PC in terms of casing requirements? Also, would it not be something that could alter the performance of owners since it may eventually lead to deformation and exposure of vital parts?

The time element is not covered the way that it should be and this is something that developers of these Cardboard Casings must take into consideration. Again, the intent and concept is good, but it still needs to answer some areas which were obviously left out.