Desktop Sales going Berzerk!

Aside from the holidays coming in, computer stores are desperately trying to get rid of old inventory with the expectation that new processors and desktop solutions from Intel shall be soon hitting the market. We have been hearing much buzz about Intel’s new chip such as the Intel Corei7 and chances are people will start looking for them these holidays to put their bonuses to good use. The problem is how do you get rid of the old ones?

For one, price drops and cheap computer packages are bound to be spreading like crazy. People may be looking at the new Intel Corei7 processors but make no mistake about it, customers are not about to let good deals pass. Pairing these discounted desktops with fast moving products such as NVIDIA video cards or large capacity hard disks are bound to be aplenty as people are looking to upgrade old computers for faster and powerful ones offered today.

So are the customers going to bite? Surely they will. The new processors will be out and one thing that people are expecting are price drops. The new Intel Corei7 is not expected to come out cheap as for sure, only a selected few can afford them once they hit the market.

With that in mind, consumers are expected to have a field day checking out the stores for their usual packages this Christmas. They will get rid of old inventory but it all depends on the lucrative deal that will be offered by them.