Are Computers in Classrooms Viable?

Students these days fail to realize how lucky they are. Today, we see most kids enjoying air-conditioned classrooms as well as the privilege of using computers to help them make their assignments and reports. Some can even gain access to the web, providing lesser excuses as far as enhancing their knowledge level to get good grades. But yet, a large number of students are failing to live up to the standards despite the presence of computers. With that in mind, are computers helping or totally defeating its purpose?

If you look at it, computers should be making studying easier. It is easier to do research and process the paperwork that they schooling require. Yet today, we see failing marks, much of which are surprising despite the ease brought about by computers. Could it be that kids have not been educated on how to use computers useful in line with their studies?

Perhaps so. Kids today see computers as a form of leisure and entertainment. They fail to realize the things they can do with them, in this case, research and use them to aid them in their studies. Games and using sites that provide other information that they are interested in are normally what grabs their attention. In short, the proper alignment on how to make use of a computer is an obvious need.

So to help computers serve their purpose, guidance and a better directional mode of teaching may be required. If this should be done, perhaps computers can help kids straighten their grades and also improve their educational development and evolvement.