Clean the Startup Programs

At times, people would want to have computers operating fast but the thing is they want to see all the programs loading as well when a computer boots. Now if that were the case, speed will be sacrificed. With so many programs loading on first boot, you can just imagine the time it would take to start them all at once. Also, they cannot be started simultaneously since for some programs, there is dependency on which should start first before the next would follow.

But while computers should make life easier, they should also be treated wisely. There are some programs that you simply do not need at startup. You can see these during configuration and installation wherein the installation process would ask you before completion if you would want these to start when windows starts up.

Anti-virus protection is included of course. But other programs like Malware protection, peer to peer programs and perhaps even monitoring software can really be started manually if people only consider it. While these programs are slated to operate at times of problems, it does not follow that you need them all the time. Aside from a slow startup, you can expect snail’s pace speed when actually using your computer. Now that would entirely be frustrating.

Make do with taking out the programs and software that are not really needed each time your startup. The difference is in speed and you can figure that out once you cut off these other programs.