Are We Ready for Thinking Computers?

It is perhaps only in the movies that we get a glimpse of what a thinking computer would do as far as helping (or wrecking) people in their daily lives. Computers are helpful and fascinating but the value of human intervention is still a need to put everything in control. Yet despite seeing the catastrophe one computer can do, IBM people are playing around with the idea of developing a cognitive thinking computer to introduce to society.

IBM has won a $4.9 million government grant from DARPA to begin the first phase of research on “cognitive computing”- essentially building computers that work like living brains. The new brain-like computers will aim to process vast amounts of data to solve problems without relying on specific programmed algorithms. Mark Dean, Vice President of IBM said, “The challenge is that computers today are very good at computing, but what we really need is a more efficient way of sifting through information”


So as far as the government is concerned, they are simply trying to make life easier and by having another help-type of an assistant to do some more advanced work as far as providing and creating information.

The intent is great but the fact of the matter is that before such technology can be implemented, it would be wise to cover all bases. You never know what one malfunction can do.