Vanity Table with Built-in LCD and Desktop Computer

We all know that everyone is going compact or mobile these days but despite the run made by modern technology, you have to look at retro designs a bit and see what they have to offer. Apparently, you will not be the type to use vanities as a means of serving as your computer storage but when you integrate and LCD monitor into it along with a standard desktop computer, eyes are bound to roll!

While most people are talking about how to modernize homes with the usual computer table designs, the Vanity PC design is something traditional PC users are bound to love. Why? For one thing, it blends well with contemporary and modern furniture, reaching the extent of becoming deceiving since people are too busy looking for ways to copy and secure the new roads of technology and what it has to offer.

The Vanity PC is not as high-tech as the XYZ Computer Desk, MILK desk, and the Sync Desktop, but it does score well with its ingenious make and glossy wood finish. With the Vanity PC, you can hide your computer and all of its wires and cables in an elegant piece of furniture. In short, the Vanity PC is a desktop computer with flat screen display that folds away in seconds”.

The Vanity PC is currently waiting for a patent to be approved for its design methods; they hide all electronic hardware components and also the wires that can become unsightly as we all know. You not only get a desktop computer but also with a stereo sound system with a sub-woofer. Do you like new technology hidden in furniture?

(Source) Product Reviews

Avoid Overloading CPU Power Distribution

Being the enthusiastic computer geeks that we are at times, we cannot help but overdo it when it comes to identifying and choosing the proper peripherals to place in our PC. Power supplies can only take so much and that is why there are specified power distributions to be able to handle all the circuits and conduits that need power each time you switch you computer on.

Normally, the default power allocation is enough to rev up your motherboard, monitor, hard disks and video cards. A couple of optical drives can also be thrown into the fray and you still have sufficient power not to fry your power supply.

But you just cannot help at times to add more to the power requirements. Adding other hard drives, another optical drive like a DVD writer or other peripherals that technology has to offer. In short, you will have a CPU that will be forever fighting for power and if they are falling short of power requirements, you may see added peripherals burning out or a busted power supply even.

That is why when you go to the usual computer shops, you will notice that there are power supplies with greater power capacity. This is precisely the reason; to be able to adhere towards additions that will not be seen in the default computer specifications. We all have our own demands and apparently this stems from the fact that we do not know when the perfect PC setup will be there for us. This is only typical in terms of demands.