Glacier W200 Computers

Get a computer that you can put on your wrist. Possible? Yes it is thanks to Glacier’s W200 wrist computers. This technology is not surprising. We are at a stage where computers are getting compact and smaller by the day and apparently Glacier is leading the pack as far as miniature size is concerned.

Features of this futuristic device include a 3.5-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi, GPS, a backlit keyboard, Linux or Windows CE and more. This is essentially a low-powered computer that can be literally strapped to you at just about all times. It also includes a motion sensor and an electronic compass, making it the perfect choice for those that like to go backpacking, or what have you.

As most concept devices, this is still not officially underway. But you can be sure that once the developers find a way to fit in and find the periperhals needed to make it tick, this device is going to be a hot commodity in the market. That is if ever it does gets done.



In an effort to provide better gaming PCs in demand today, Red Fox has unveiled a new desktop solution via its AMD technology, the Red Fox Davion PC System. There is no question that the demand for higher specs for gamers has become evident and with that in mind, a new market of high-end desktops has become a market opportunity for desktop manufacturers.

Supporting the latest AMD Phenom II X4 940 processor, ATI 4870 iCQGDDR5 1GB 256-Bit PCIe2 Video Card and 4GB DDRII Memory, Red Fox Davion unleashes the full potential of capability that brings spectacular gaming platform delivering the irrefutable performance to satisfy the gaming desire of extreme gamers.

Red Fox is a known name in the motherboard sector and has since ventured out in the world of desktop and mobile solutions. In an effort to push its brand as a complete desktop solution rather than a simple parts provider, the Red Fox Davion PC system may just achieve that niche thanks to the growing demand for efficient gaming systems in the market today.


Hip Replacements via Computers

Computers have been known to play an important role in medical technology these days. We see computers being used in getting results from laboratory exams and digital imagery through radiological services. And it seems that medicine is making another statement as far as bone replacement is concerned as computers are once again called to aid doctors and physicians into making the proper assessments prior to actually making hip replacements to patients that require it.

Engineers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU in Dresden and the University of Leipzig are trying to automate a computer to predict where best to place screws in a given patient’s bone tissue.

Hip replacements are not a simple measure and place methodology. Medical factors that include assessing and closer monitoring of where they can be safely placed is a need. Thanks to computers, this can be done with the close-ups and digital imaging, avoiding problems that can lead towards improper replacements and cause a lot of pain as far as medical attention to patients is concerned.

Medical technology has made it easier for all of us. Rather than purely a logical alternative, computers have lowered the issue of assessments and marginal room for errors. Though not 100% accurate, you can just imagine the breakthrough that people have done as far as aiding medical technology. However, rest assured that medicine can expect more technological assistance from computers in the following years.


PC Demands Bound to Soar Through Laid Off Workers

Out of a job? Laid off? A lot of people have lost jobs these days and if there is one worthy investment that they should consider, it would be perhaps through PCs or laptops. The best time to invest in these technological breakthroughs is now not only because they have been offered at great bargains but also because they can do a lot with them.

There are a lot of potential money-making schemes that anyone can do online and it does not need the immediate call to enroll in computer schools. In fact, the simplest way of making money on the web is to check out telecommute jobs.

There are a lot of jobs people can consider and these include:

1. Content writing or blogging
2. Data Entry
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Graphics Designing
5. Documentation and Reports

Now all of these would require a PC and a reliable Internet connection. While the latter is already a given, a computer can be used as a great source of income if you look in the right places. You can even use the web to get references as well. Some companies can even offer you a work from home job and all you would need is a device, a computer in this case, to conduct such an interface.

So if you are looking for a worthy investment, a computer is one of the wise decisions to go about it. You don’t even have to spend your entire final pay on it. This is a small investment that can perhaps help people who are direly looking for income these days.


Are Computers in Classrooms Viable?

Students these days fail to realize how lucky they are. Today, we see most kids enjoying air-conditioned classrooms as well as the privilege of using computers to help them make their assignments and reports. Some can even gain access to the web, providing lesser excuses as far as enhancing their knowledge level to get good grades. But yet, a large number of students are failing to live up to the standards despite the presence of computers. With that in mind, are computers helping or totally defeating its purpose?

If you look at it, computers should be making studying easier. It is easier to do research and process the paperwork that they schooling require. Yet today, we see failing marks, much of which are surprising despite the ease brought about by computers. Could it be that kids have not been educated on how to use computers useful in line with their studies?

Perhaps so. Kids today see computers as a form of leisure and entertainment. They fail to realize the things they can do with them, in this case, research and use them to aid them in their studies. Games and using sites that provide other information that they are interested in are normally what grabs their attention. In short, the proper alignment on how to make use of a computer is an obvious need.

So to help computers serve their purpose, guidance and a better directional mode of teaching may be required. If this should be done, perhaps computers can help kids straighten their grades and also improve their educational development and evolvement.


HongKong: The Country with Most PC Users

We are pretty much aware that people who use computers for personal or busiss are growing each day but did you know which city in Xinhua has the most number of personal computer users in their household? The answer is HongKong!

For years, HongKong has been known to have a high volume of digital users, using PCs for graphics designing or plainly surfing the web. Either the population for technology has grown or many old hands have been fascinated with the gift of the PC and what it can truly do for them. Whatever the reason is, the PC is growing in numbers, alongside the evolvement of other devices like notebooks and handheld devices.

About 4.2 million of people aged 10 and over, or 68.2 percent of all people in that age group, had used PCs at least once in the year before the survey, and 2.4 million people aged 10 and over, or 39.1 percent of that age group, had used online Government services to handle personal matters.

IT usage in the business sector has stabilized in recent years. The percentage of establishments using PCs was 63.1 percent in 2008, representing a marginal fall of 0.7 of a percentage point on a year earlier.

Thus combined, it should not be surprising if the use of PCs and the continuous evolvement of the technology racks in larger numbers. And from the looks of it, many other cities and countries for that matter will follow HongKong’s lead.


NBA Coaches Shifting Towards Computers for Plays?

We see them on television most of the time. In any basketball game, plays have to be reviewed and with the use of the standard coaching board using magnets or perhaps a water-based marker, a coach is able to direct the offense or defense of his players on the court and make sure that they execute their plays accordingly.

But this is a form of ancient practice. Sure we have seen the shift from the initial use of chalk and mapping out plays on the ground towards the useful whiteboards. However, could we see the shift from manual to computerized use of player positions and moves soon?

We see the technology from television broadcasts. The sports analysts do it on their own but as far as actual coaches in leagues such as the NBA is concerned, would we see them carrying a laptop soon?

There may be a lot of issues here considering that at their age, current coaches may not be that adept nor flexible towards using advanced means of coaching. There are drawing boards in use and while it seems that technology is known to make life easier, computer integration may have to come up with a new gadget that is not bulky nor hard to handle.

It is possible but unless that specific gadget for coaching comes out, don’t expect to see the coaches bringing a laptop or a touch screen monitor to each game. They will be looking at something better and handy than their whiteboard and that is a sure thing to consider.


Wise Spending on Computer Buying Needed

Place the famous bailout plan of the US and add the eco-friendly requirements needed today and you are bound to come up with the sum of it all as the cost-efficient green computer. Saving on energy is synonymous to saving on cost and apparently having these two factors the next time you buy a computer categorizes you towards the socially responsible citizen the world is looking for today.

As far as cost is concerned, you don’t really have to spend on excess peripherals that you don’t need. For example, why get a 1 Gigabyte capable video card if you are plainly going to use it for word processing or Internet browsing? The difference in dollars is considerable and for sure wise spenders would do well to lay off the unneeded peripherals if not needed. It is a different case however if it is included in a package set, something familiar in stores today.

Now this may seem like I am trying to discourage people from enjoying the fruits of technology. It is apparent that anyone is free to buy anything as they wish. But just spend wisely. The credit crunch is no laughing matter. It is for real and while it has not set in yet, it can surely do so in a couple of months.

You can enjoy the benefits of a powerful desktop. You just have to time it on when you really need it. Wise spending is a requirement these days even in buying new computers.

Expect Computer Demands and Sales to Drop

While computer sales are known to be constantly high in numbers, this year may offer a totally different outlook. With the credit crunch making its way towards forcing people to tighten their belts and for sure, the demand for new computers is bound to decline as well.

This is not solely focused on the private sector. Businesses are bound to slow down as far as periodic upgrading of workstations to adhere towards adapted programs and requirements that they need to be able to operate properly. Normally, you would see new computers ordered and old ones phased out. But this time around, making do with their computers, assuming that they are functional, will certainly be employed by most companies to the max.

While demand is expected to decrease, expect the manufacturers to add that to their business planning. Overproducing computer parts may not necessarily be something that they would want and apparently, they would want to produce just the proper amount of peripherals to serve into the market.

If you look at it, it may seem like a cat and mouse game these days. But as far as the computer business is concerned, the right approach towards doing business. Who would want a surplus of unused and unsold computers and parts which they can only eventually dispose via sales? Now that is not wise business if you ask me.

Are Eco-Friendly Chips Really Environmental Friendly?

Apparently, we have all been hearing the aggressive marketing of new eco-friendly chips from Intel. They are said to be made for recycled materials that can help bring down the energy resources of our computers and apparently this is something that many are researching and wondering at the moment. While it does seem like a good contribution towards becoming eco-friendly, one cannot help but wonder if they are indeed good as they claim to be.

For one, no one can deny the fact that adding an eco-friendly tag is a marketing aspect on its own. Apparently, the hoopla for the eco-friendly era is indeed in the air and we can see that from various companies that have engaged in applying an eco-friendly aspect of product manufacturing in terms of:

1. Packaging
2. The Manufacturing Process
3. Choice of Raw Materials
4. Shipping practices

Businesses, particularly in the computing sector have indeed become something to watch but as far as eco-friendly claims, a lot has to be done for people to really admonish the fact that they are one and true.

So is any buying these eco-friendly claims? If you sum it all up, not everyone cares that much as long as they get their needs and wants in the technology aspect. However, it remains that businesses will aggressively push for it although many doubt if it has a bearing for now.

So eco-friendly or not, if businesses really want to emphasize on eco-friendliness, it may set in some time in the future. But definitely not now.