D-Link SideStage Secondary Monitors

Normally, monitors are plugged via the standard graphics card but today, we can see them even being plugged via the USB. Most of them are used as a sidelight, perhaps the reason for the name, and possessing a 7-inch monitor that is intended to be a secretary monitor to display instant messages and other widgets that might get lost behind all the open windows on a desktop or laptop computer is certainly something many techie geeks would seriously consider.

For some it is additional cost. If you already have the standard monitors in computers, why bother to get a secondary one? The reason may be more understandable if it is geared towards the business side. It is no secret that in cases of making presentations, a dual screen to help people appreciate slides or videos via another route of visual representation is normal.

Hence, it may be more of a professional thing. But basing it on observations, you may be surprised to note at how people want to get their hands on techie gadgets today. Though there is no price yet set for this SideStage monitor, you can bet it will not come cheap.

According to Dan Kelley, D-Link’s senior director of marketing, the monitor is expected to be available in stores during the first quarter of 2009. The “photo” router also has not been priced, but is expected to launch later this year.