HP Desktops with Defective Nvidia Chips

Among the known desktops in the market that you may consider purchasing are the branded and new ones coming from Hewlett Packard. While we all know that branded computers are the way to go, they are not spared from potential problems such as defects. Apparently, HP has a current problem as it has announced that some of its desktops have defective Nvidia chips and while it was quietly set aside and limited to only a small number of 38 models of HP Pavillion Slimline desktops with the integrated graphics display.

Now don’t let this news be a means of degrading the level of quality that HP has had through the years. For one thing, it is Nvidia which has openly announced that there is indeed a problem with their specified product integrated with the HP Slimline, a hot commodity since many people today are looking into the new desktop designs offered by branded computer names like HP.

Defective chipsets are only natural and HP should be commended on making it public that such a defect exists. Besides, these are bound to be under warranty and while there may be inconveniences, the important thing is that they are aware and responsible enough to inform customers ahead of time rather than keeping mum on the issue rather than correct it.


Consumers Should Thank the Computer Age

Right now, both the melamine scare and the fluctuating stock prices have overlooked one aspect, the technological aspect. For sure, we all know that if it were not for computers, how could anyone get the faster way of tracing these dreaded melamine contaminants or even monitor the current prices of stocks that are changing by the second.

Computers have been long responsible for these benefits and apparently most people are forgetting it. Could it be because they are too occupied waiting for results? Perhaps that could be acceptable. But if they are wise, they would note that such technology is something that made all of these things possible. In fact, if you look at it, you may even say that without computers, who knows when they could find out results that can make a difference to life.

Today, it is apparent that each person needs information in the fastest way possible. Computers aid them in doing so. But one thing you don’t hear is how they are able to get results and who makes it all happen.

PCs have changed the way we analyze things. It has been that since its inception. But before we go moaning about the problems that beseech us, let us not forget that computers are the main reason for making us advanced today. If only computers had the power to change these issues today, maybe they would get the recognition that they do receive. But that would be asking too much!

Computer Sales Expected to Be affected by Economic Crisis

These days, everyone is in a stale state. For one, no one knows how prices and the cost of living will be after the Wall Street debacle which saw a couple of big corporate giants, Lehman Brothers and Merril Lynch, file for bankruptcy and corporate restructuring. The technology sector is expected to be affected as well since as far as priority of finances would mean foregoing any plans of investing in the computer needs that a person may have. But will it?

Contrary to what many are saying, expect a wide array of budget-priced computer peripherals to be offered in the market. For sure, computer part manufacturers are likewise thinking of ways to survive this crisis plaguing the whole world at the moment. Just consider big companies faltering and you may wonder what the smaller companies would have to deal with?

Ask the professionals and they will tell you that the computer industry is a totally different venture. As far as financials are concerned, they are inter-linked. In doing business however, computers are expected to get a pinch in the arm but knowing how people are demanding for technology breakthrough today, it is highly unlikely we will see a drop in technology demands.

Computers offer more than just business aids. They can be seen as good tools to start a business even at home. So as far as advice on buying a computer is concerned, make sure you get the right stuff that can make you proactive and productive.

Put your Computer on Sleep Mode

Do you want to do your own small thing for the environment? Well you can start by saving on power when your computer is not in use. Yep, you can always set a timer or put it into sleep mode like lets say being idle for about 15 minutes or more. There is no sense in keeping your monitor live if you are not using your computer since other than being a waste of energy, you are probably adding some stress to the monitor as well.

Monitors have their own share of product life cycles. They have a specific number of useful years and if you are not careful, you may find yourself getting a new one unscheduled.

To some, there are issues. One of which is that of crash problems for computers that cannot hold the proper programming or hardware that is usually something that is common especially if you are using a chop-chop computer. In fact, some PCs may not even boot after they have been placed on sleep mode, most of which is due to some issues as far as load and processes are concerned.

Regardless, saving on power is something that is really the main issue for placing a computer in sleep mode. Some may not want to be interrupted but if you are perhaps at home and choose not to turn off your computer, putting it into sleep mode is a good alternative to that.

When Will Desktops Have Eco-Friendly Packaging?

There has been so much fuss about providing alternative packaging for laptops these days. Among them included the news that HP has changed its usual cardboard packaging into trendy and classy bags that may pass for good storage when they are mobile. While the overall packaging for shipping them in numbers may still require the use of cardboard, consumer selling will no longer need the issue of using cardboard boxes whenever a potential customer buys them.

HP and Walmart are trying to tackle the problem by shipping several laptops in the same (small) box. The laptops come in their protective bags and not a cardboard box. Not only this pollutes less, but it probably saves a lot of storage room and probably money too.


So while the global warming issue on laptops may have been solved, what about the bulkier desktop and monitor cases wherein a lot of cardboard resources are used whenever a buyer gets one of them from the computer shop? Surely a clothing bag may not be enough to accommodate such peripherals and based on what type of ideal packaging may be resorted to, this area has not been resolved or even seems to be in the process of being resolved.

Indeed, it may take some time and among the alternatives being done today is shrinking the size of new desktops to miniature ones that are supposedly to save on space. While buying one may be a one time deal only, some have turned to using recycled cardboards. But what happens to them after unpacking the computer merchandise?

Maybe a rebate program or reward for turning in the old boxes? There are a lot of possibilities. We just have to see them put into play.

First Eco-Chip Shipped by Intel

Technology is not far behind from what is in demand these days and apparently this includes creating peripherals that are in demand. Computer chips and processors are known to be one of the important parts of making technology and computing work and with that, Intel has revealed its first eco-friendly chips, the Xeon processors.

Doing its part towards the global warming phenomena, Intel is sure to get a large demand for these new eco-friendly Xeon chips. It has been customary to find people always wanting to be the first in having these new gifts of technology and with chips being at the forefront, all else is bound to follow as far as bundling and making these things available in the market.

Servers and common desktops are bound to be the main flagship of these new Intel processors and surely, both private and commercial groups in need of upgraded and eco-friendly technology are bound to see what this new installment offered by Intel truly has to offer.

The latest processors include three quad-core products: X5492, X5470, and L5430. The fastest of the chips has a clock speed of 3.4 GHz, while the low-voltage version uses 50 watts of power per core. The fourth new processor is the X5270, which runs as low as 80 watts with frequencies as high as 3.5 GHz.

The chips are aimed at manufacturers of workstations, blade servers, and mainstream servers, and are drop-in compatible with existing Intel dual-processor platforms that have been in the market since 2006. “Customers using these new Xeon processors will not only benefit from greater performance and energy efficiency within existing platforms, but they will be the very first to use Intel’s halogen-free technology,” Kirk Skaugen, VP and general manager of Intel’s server platforms group


A Matter of E-Cycling Your Old Desktop

One thing we hear these days is what to do with an old computer. We can always donate it to charity or perhaps sell them at a much cheaper price. It is easy to buy a new computer set whenever we want. It is really disposing the old one that is a growing problem.

Unlike traditional things which we can just throw in a waste can, e-waste or electronic waste is something that has been a growing issue. It is not as easy as the normal object. There are a lot to consider including toxins and chemicals of parts that were made to assemble a computer as a whole. While there are various measures being offered locally, it remains that people should wise up and do their part as far as knowing how to get rid of an old computer. Some stock it up for use of other parts but the economical way is to have someone else use it, assuming that it is still functional.

The growing rate of old computers is as fast as new ones coming out in the market. It is apparent that we have to figure out where to put old computers before replacing them. While we are all going agog over what specs to place in that new desktop, try to figure out how you can make room for a new one. Don’t be drawn to that circle of ecstatic expectations. Address the disposal issue and then dream of that new desktop you always wanted.

How A Desktop Changes Standard Workloads

If we look at standard operational procedures, we would see most jobs and workloads relying so much on manual labor. But that was yesterday’s news. These days, we have seen the power of technology as some tasks have shown the latest injection of computers and systems to make jobs accurate and faster.

This is not to say that man cannot do routine work on his own. But the real competitive leverage these days is being fast and efficient. Apparently this has become the benchmark for companies to be at par with modern companies and also a means of getting them a step ahead. In the corporate world, you cannot afford to nap and if you do, chances are you will find yourself tailing other companies that are the frontrunners for success.

While the presence of a computer desktop may seem like a threat to most workers today, it should not. Computers are innovations and they are in now way present to take the place of hands-on labor. This is the wrong perception that most people put in their minds today. Rather than cooperate and enjoy the fruits of making their work easier, they make it harder by treating these fruits as banes to their livelihood.

This is crab mentality that many just cannot figure out. Rather than make life easier, they take at the influx of computers and gadgets as a step towards a different direction. So rather than enjoy and even look forward to gaining additional knowledge from these technology developments, they are showing that they have resistance and may even lose the opportunity to advance in knowledge and experience. In job requirements these days, you will notice that computer literacy is a must. Perhaps people should look at this chance as working to their advantage.

eMachines offers New Desktop Solutions

Whether you are at work or at home, eMachines seems to have something in store for you. Recently, eMachines has introduced a new line of desktop PCs which include entertainment and productivity applications that heed the needs of most PC users today.

Computers are a daily need and depending on the nature of using them, eMachines seems to have them covered. These desktop solutions are paired with a 17” LCD monitor along with a 15-in-1 memory card reader that allows users to interface for the need to upload photos, videos and music files.

It all boils down to budget. High-end computers do not come cheap and apparently most PC solution seekers today command a high degree of requirements on a limited budget. That is not an easy task. You have to pay the price for technology and apparently eMachines have been trying to work on these constraints to appease its market.

We have seen a lot of new innovations in the PC world and some sacrifice some benefits and peripherals for the sake of getting at least close to their required specs that can serve their needs. For most people today, this dilemma is only normal and getting the right computer at the right speed seems to be a toss up when you want a perfect computer within your grasp.

“Choosing the right computer to best fit your needs and budget can be daunting, especially for students heading away from home,” said Glenn Jystad, senior manager for eMachines desktops, in a statement. “These new eMachines desktop PCs offer a range of performance levels and features that not only meet the computing needs of students and families, but offer attractive prices that will appeal to today’s budget conscious consumers.”

(Source) TMC Net

Don’t be a Cheapskate PC Buyer

For people who want premium performance from their computers, they would normally check out the market. Would you buy a new one or a second-hand computer? Let us take them up individually.

Buying a New Computer
When you buy a new computer you have no worries to think about. Except perhaps for some hardware defects which are for sure to be covered by supplier warranty, you not only enjoy the benefits of new technology peripherals but can also expect to enjoy the leisure qualities of a brand new computer and use programs at a more optimized rates.

While the price for buying a new one may be stiff on the pocket, rest assured you can have lesser things to worry about like breakdowns or hardware failure. You have supplier warranty and service under your wing at least for a year in most cases.

Second Hand Computers
For people who want to save on cost, they usually define first why they would need a computer. There are people who sell their old computers to buy new ones. The money they get from selling their old computer will certainly be helpful especially if you consider the price of a new PC.

On the part of the buyer, you have a lot of things to worry about. Issues such as hardware and components installed are sure to be playing around in the mind. The question of “how long will this PC last?” is sure to be the top question they would have.

But perhaps the real question would have to be “Is a Secondhand PC worth the price?” We all know that being cost-conscious is one thing but as far as computers are concerned, do include in your consideration the fact that technology evolves fast. A used PC may be outdated faster than you know it. Think ahead and define why you need a PC. It will evidently point you in the right direction.