Are you PC Friendly?

Computers today may be all diodes and boards but even if these computer parts do not have the luxury of speaking up or barking their complaints, they still need the necessary care due for longer lifespan. At times, we have this knack of following the old practices of kicking or banging them on certain parts for them to function well. While it sometimes works, it may also be a sign that there is something wrong with your computer.

Chips and certain fixtures inside your computer can loosen up as well at times. For the people who are not technically aware of it, it would be best to address issues such as non-booting computers or constant crashes and hanging to the professional computer technicians for diagnosis. This is the safest way to safeguard you PC since at times, being satisfied with hitting your computer may lead to graver damages if you are not careful.

It has happened a lot. Passing on the chance to bring your PC to the nearest shop may lead to eventual problems that can cost you more. In worst scenarios, people end up having to replace them as they are deemed beyond repair at times. Just imagine how much you save, in terms of money and stored data, if you were able to do the right thing rather than the wild thing to make a computer work. But knowing users, they don’t really care until it happens. If you want to risk it, just count the times you have kicked you CPU. It may also stand for the number of days you can still use it.