Tiny Compressors for Better PC Cooling to be launched

The temperature levels in most computers today have a significant impact on a PC’s performance. We know of the usual auxiliary fans required to serve as added ventilation but in some cases, the proper cooling for these chips are not enough. Cooling is important and while the fans are trying hard to negate the rising heat levels from using internal chips and processors, Purdue University has reportedly developed a tiny refrigeration system that will surely help a lot as far as CPU temperature levels is concerned.

This is indeed a welcome development considering that many people are forever relying on additional cooling systems for their CPU or laptops.

“Traditionally, you use a fan to blow air on a chip — room temperature air,” said Garimella. “If I could push chilled air onto the chip, then I get a lot more cooling.” The devices are designed to dramatically increase the amount of heat that can be removed from a computer, he added.

The system pumps refrigerants through tiny compressors and tubing. The technology could be integrated into a microprocessor, or it could replace a computer’s traditional air-cooled heat sink.

The new cooling technique will probably be used first in gaming systems and then in high-end laptops, Garimella projected.


Once this gets out, we can see better enhancements towards our current crop of CPU and cooling issues that seem to continue to haunt us when it comes to identifying the right temperature to assist CPU performance. Purdue professor Suresh Garimela even opened the doors for smaller computers which will garner the nod of people who love to embrace technology and its fruits as they come.