Placing Windows XP in Safe Mode

At times, you may find the need to start your PC on safe mode. Among the instances would include:

1. Virus infections
2. Malware infections
3. System Crash
4. Software compatibility issues
5. Restore Option

We cannot avoid incurring these issues. Apparently, the need to reboot and place the PC in safe mode is a problem for most. Some would restart it manually with the hopes of being prompted to go into safe mode. The traditional way is to press the F6 button before the Windows XP logo shows so that you can get yourself into the menu which asks if you want to start normally or pass via safe mode.

Depending on the degree of damage, the loading time may vary. Remember that in such cases, loading of chosen programs are in progress. If there are a lot of programs installed, it may take a while. Don’t panic. Just wait for the loading screen to finish and the safe mode will come out.

When you are in safe mode, don’t expect all programs to run. Anti-virus programs may not be present at this time nor your Internet connection. These may have been cut off due to limited resources. So before you resort to safe mode, make sure you have jotted the things you need to address that may include the registry editing for manual removal of certain command lines.

This approach is restricted to the techie people. But if you follow the right steps from information on the web, you can get the job done and feel great about it. Just be patient and follow the tips so that you can have your OS up and running good as before.