Deciding to Reformat Your PC

One of the hardest things to decide on is when to format your computer. When you format your PC this means permanently erasing all files that are on the computer including system and program files. Of course, before that is done, it is presumed that the files have been properly backed up or burned so that they can be restored from a CD perhaps once the entire format process has been done.

Formatting a hard drive is perhaps the easiest way out when you encounter a lot of problems with your computer. Ordinarily, it is the last resort since having to re-install that usual operating system and the programs you use have to be done one by one. Overall it would seem like a lot of work but there are some cases where you just have to re-install everything from scratch. This results normally when:

1. You Have a Virus
2. You Encounter a System Crash
3. You change Hard Disk Drives
4. You bought a new PC

One thing you can look forward to though is that you have a completely new system to which you have done away with the crash and virus issues. For sure that is quite a load off. The process may take you about an hour or so but give it some time, normally days, and you will find that you have a good as new computer in your hands.

So when you decide to reformat you computer, rest assured the whole effort is worth the wait. Just make sure you make a list of programs notes for reference in case you get lost once your PC is up and about.

How To Delete Windows Vista Completely Part 1

We are all aware that today, Windows Vista is being egged on as the new operating system released by Microsoft corporation for use. While I have not tried to use it, there are people who are saying that it is still buggy and may need more patches before the perfect version comes out. Apparently, Windows Vista is following the same footsteps that previous Windows Operating systems such as Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows XP underwent before they were cleared and made reliable to use on.

Unlike the previous Microsoft operating systems, chances are you may find Windows Vista entirely frustrating if in case you want to downgrade to Windows XP once again. There have been posts on the web about turning to dual boot options due to some problems such as driver compatibility on the web but just the same, I think it would be best to delete the entire Windows Vista and install a fresh copy of the Windows XP OS.

This is easier said than done. For one, there will be instances where Vista will stop you from overwriting them if you use the CD to load. If only there was the trusty old FDISK that allowed you to delete partitions and create new ones. But problems such as no floppy drive use these days pose a problem. There are some which only have CD drives to use and normally, you will not find the DOS programs available unless you are able to download them somewhere on the web.

On the next post I will be explaining how you can erase Windows Vista and install a fresh copy of Windows XP. But before doing that, I would suggest you download a copy of the old DOS operating system (in ZIP or ISO) and burn it to a blank CDR.

You can download a copy of the old bootable DOS system here.