The Green Hitachi Hard Drive

First there was Western Digital and then Seagate. Both boasted of the Terrabyte storage capacity, the latest metric used in measuring the amount of space that they could accommodate. Now, Hitachi enters the fray but not on storage but bragging about how eco-friendly their hard drive is. The new drive is the EcoTrac Classification hard drive.

The new drive features Hitachi’s EcoTrac Classification. This means it’s halogen-free and has very low power consumption. The new CinemaStar features a read/write power specification of 1.4W–a reduction of 22 percent compared to previous models.

According to Hitachi, its new CinemaStar hard drive is best suited for digital video applications that require compact design and low power usage, such as slim digital video recorders, set-top boxes, and surveillance systems.

The new CinemaStar drive will be available in capacities ranging between 160GB and 500GB and is expected to ship during the second quarter of the year. For now, it’s unclear how much the drive will cost.

If you are the environmentalist freak who wants to do his share for environmental improvement, then this is the hard drive for you. It may not yet be in the terabyte era but surely, it will be in a matter of months.


Define Your Storage Needs

It is practically easy to buy a hard disk these days. With large storage capacity, you would have to consider what files you would place in them. If you are the hardcore techie freak, chances are you would be thinking videos and audio files to which you can easily download today over the web. But before we go a bit forward on everything, it would be best to potentially canvass and plan just how much capacity you really need.

Apparently, people will have no second guesses as far as what storage capacity to buy. The biggest of course! There would be only one thing in the way and normally it would be the area of price. These days, for a difference of a couple of dollars, you would surely get the next big storage capacity hard disk. No doubt that would be your first choice.

Next, many would consider the manufacturer. Normally it would be a toss up between:

1. Seagate
2. Maxtor
3. Fujitsu
4. Hitachi

You can really interchange which between Seagate and Maxtor would be your preference. Others turn to the little known brands, Fujitsu and Hitachi for saving and disregard on durability. They may cost less but if there is one thing that you have to consider is the fact that they may not necessarily be reliable especially in the long run. Bad sectors and warranty issues may come into play but knowing hard disks, it takes so much for them to be displaced and unreliable.