Intel Chips Cut in Half

In light of the economic crisis we are in right now, Intel has slashed the price of their Intel Chips by 50%. Apparently, sales has not been that good for the giant chip manufacturer and to help get rid of these chips which may stock up and remain unsold, offering them at an almost sacrificial sale seems to be the feasible way to go.

Also, affordability has become an issue. People are shying away from spending too much in light of the economic gloom. People are wary about their current means of income, whether it be from employment or business. In short, people are just becoming apprehensive in spending.

Computers for one can wait. Most of us have our old desktops at home and for as long as the credit crunch is wandering around, making do with them is perhaps the sanest thing to do right now.

With those factors in mind, you have to wonder why Intel would go to as much as offering a 50% slash in prices. That is quite a sale and perhaps some sort of demand for them could possibly be rekindled.

The price of Celeron 570 processors, designed for laptops, dropped 48 percent to USD 70 whereas one of the company’s quad-core desktop-computer models, Q9650 that have four processors on one piece of silicon, dropped 40 percent to USD 316.

“The economy and the industry are in the process of resetting to a new baseline from which growth will resume,” said Intel president and chief executive Paul Otellini on announcing the results.


Intel Core i7 to be Launched Soon

For people looking for more power than their traditional processors, here is something to watch out for. Intel has announced that it is set to unveil a new and powerful processor in the person of the Intel Core i7, focusing largely on companies and enterprise solutions that require high specs in their ever-growing need for systems and automation.

This will definitely be something to watch as most companies often look at the market for latest processors a step better than the traditional ones we have in the market today. Some have turned to dual processors to maintain their level of competency in computing but it will all reach one point where servers that have to be up and about for the requirements of most companies today have to be taken care of.

The hardware requirements for these servers and desktops are growing rapidly and a lot has to do with the level of technicality that most developed programs are coming out with. With new features, demands and reports required for business efficiency, this has been a recurring trend to which we can see occasional upgrades on the part of business and computer users.

Intel is all set to launch high-end desktops powered by the Intel Core i7 processor, next month. This was disclosed by Kirk B. Skaugen, Vice President, Digital Enterprise Group, General Manager, Server Platforms Group, in the Digital Enterprise Keynote: IA = Embedded + Dynamic, during the recently held Intel Developer Forum (IDF).


Are Eco-Friendly Chips Really Environmental Friendly?

Apparently, we have all been hearing the aggressive marketing of new eco-friendly chips from Intel. They are said to be made for recycled materials that can help bring down the energy resources of our computers and apparently this is something that many are researching and wondering at the moment. While it does seem like a good contribution towards becoming eco-friendly, one cannot help but wonder if they are indeed good as they claim to be.

For one, no one can deny the fact that adding an eco-friendly tag is a marketing aspect on its own. Apparently, the hoopla for the eco-friendly era is indeed in the air and we can see that from various companies that have engaged in applying an eco-friendly aspect of product manufacturing in terms of:

1. Packaging
2. The Manufacturing Process
3. Choice of Raw Materials
4. Shipping practices

Businesses, particularly in the computing sector have indeed become something to watch but as far as eco-friendly claims, a lot has to be done for people to really admonish the fact that they are one and true.

So is any buying these eco-friendly claims? If you sum it all up, not everyone cares that much as long as they get their needs and wants in the technology aspect. However, it remains that businesses will aggressively push for it although many doubt if it has a bearing for now.

So eco-friendly or not, if businesses really want to emphasize on eco-friendliness, it may set in some time in the future. But definitely not now.

First Eco-Chip Shipped by Intel

Technology is not far behind from what is in demand these days and apparently this includes creating peripherals that are in demand. Computer chips and processors are known to be one of the important parts of making technology and computing work and with that, Intel has revealed its first eco-friendly chips, the Xeon processors.

Doing its part towards the global warming phenomena, Intel is sure to get a large demand for these new eco-friendly Xeon chips. It has been customary to find people always wanting to be the first in having these new gifts of technology and with chips being at the forefront, all else is bound to follow as far as bundling and making these things available in the market.

Servers and common desktops are bound to be the main flagship of these new Intel processors and surely, both private and commercial groups in need of upgraded and eco-friendly technology are bound to see what this new installment offered by Intel truly has to offer.

The latest processors include three quad-core products: X5492, X5470, and L5430. The fastest of the chips has a clock speed of 3.4 GHz, while the low-voltage version uses 50 watts of power per core. The fourth new processor is the X5270, which runs as low as 80 watts with frequencies as high as 3.5 GHz.

The chips are aimed at manufacturers of workstations, blade servers, and mainstream servers, and are drop-in compatible with existing Intel dual-processor platforms that have been in the market since 2006. “Customers using these new Xeon processors will not only benefit from greater performance and energy efficiency within existing platforms, but they will be the very first to use Intel’s halogen-free technology,” Kirk Skaugen, VP and general manager of Intel’s server platforms group


Quad Core Processors

With the continued demand for higher capacity and powered PC processors today, the concept of quad core desktops is lingering in the air to satisfy the demand for higher processor PC in the market today. Intel has announced that it new Nehalem microarchitecture would be quad core chips for high end desktops which should be good news aspiring for the older chips. In case this develops, a slash in prices for the old processor chips is sure to take place and if you are among the people aching for a new PC, here is your big break.

This trend should not be surprising. We have seen such practices over the years that each time a new chip enters the market, old ones can be bought at lower prices. Too bad for the eager techies, the price drop can be very dramatic. And in this case, with the demand for graphics and software requirements increasing, no one wants to do them with a slowpoke PC.

Of course, the price for this new quad processor will demand a hefty price. Since it is new in the market, expect them to be higher than what the current price of processors in the market are today. And while that is in the air, do not forget that the key here is to adhere towards growing demands in the IT industry. With new chips in the market, there is no telling what the next demand will be. A Quantum Processor perhaps? Now that is not far-fetched.