Samsung Unveils LED Monitors at CES

The place to be is at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) where a wide array of new technological devices are on hand spearheaded by a line of new eco-friendly monitors designed with LED technology. Samsung leads the cast of companies showcasing their new line of monitors and it is worthy to note that many of them have adhered towards energy consumption and alternative methods of enhancing graphical resolutions.

One would think that the old CRT monitors are no longer in existence with the wide array of monitors on hand. But if power consumption is to be highlighted, it is apparent that it is time for a change and converting towards these new LCD monitors is a step towards that direction.

Samsung claims its new ToC monitors consume half the normal wattage of other monitors by using two-lamp low power consumption, while the manufacturing process eliminates harmful paints and sprays to make it easier to recycle monitors.

Expect these new breed of monitors to be high in demand once they hit the shops. Other than getting in with the times, it is apparent that all of us are setting our sights for an upgrade; not only for the CPU peripherals but monitors as well.