Lian-Li PC888 PC Case

One thing about PC cases these days, they come in different designs and forms. And without hesitating, the Lian-Li PC888 is a case that is one of a kind. Through the years when you buy a computer, you are normally given an option, a standard default casing or something classy and different. The difference aside from price? Normally it is just the design and perhaps the power supply that comes with it. Slots and overall design is included as well but does it really matter?

The Lian-Li PC-888 is one crazy-looking computer case. It’s constructed from blue anodized aluminum, and the case is huge, fitting in a silly amount of components. And for that size and style, you’ll pay dearly, with the price rumored to be over $400.

If a unique PC design can improve computer performance, then why not? But if it is only to be fashionable, would it not be better to invest those extra amounts into something more worthy like additional memory chips or a reliable motherboard?

This is something that I would not really understand. Why the preference in modern casing when performance is practically the same? Well, considering the crisis we are in today and the need to buy wisely, sacrificing a PC casing in lieu of better performance or for added savings seems to be the better option. It doesn’t make any difference anyway.