Set a Cut-Off Date for Stored Files

Do not let storage space stop you from deleting current files such as documents and spreadsheets on your computer. If these files have been around for years, back them up and take them out of your computer. Other than taking up space, you just have to consider the worst scenarios such as hard disk crashes or imminent formatting caused by system software malfunctions that are common today.

Formatting a hard drive is the last resort but is the easiest solution when it comes to program conflicts and crashes. While there are programs that try to help you restore a system, it remains that your PC will never be the same again due to buggy installation. Overwriting may be a good option but you will notice that after you do this, your computer slows down a bit more.

So to address speed and consistency of the operating system of your computer, it would be best to clean it from scratch and start a fresh copy of your preferred Windows operating system. It is a hard decision to make but at times you are left with very few choices to make.

If you have files that have been around for over 2 years which you don’t access, just copy them to a CD or a tape drive. Do not leave them on your PC hard drive for easy access. At times you will never know when you would need to recover them and normally, backups are the best way to safeguard them in case something untoward happens to your PC.

When Thinner Becomes a Problem

If you think the smaller and thinner desktops are a distinction to have then you better consider the aftermath as well. Computers and gadgets can break down to and if a certain part such a chip or diode suddenly gets fried, be ready with your cash to have it repaired. Sure there will be the usual warranty stuff but in some rare cases, you will be surprised that these would not be covered by the warranty for the advanced desktop you purchased. Bummer as it may seem, that is a reality.

The probability of experiencing such a mishap is remote but you cannot discount it from happening. It may stem from accidentally means or through improper handling especially when you move it from one place to another. Overuse is another area for consideration as room temperature levels may play a vital role in determining how long such a device can hold.

There is no doubt most gadgets are becoming thinner these days and apparently it will all come to a point where we all love them due to space considerations. But the technology for manufacturing these things does not come cheap and today, there is no telling to what extent these things may result in. You just have to be ready in case they go beyond the traditional repairs by authorized service centers.

This is not to scare most innovative seeking consumers. It is a warning that with technology comes a price tag on it. You have to be ready for it or your PC will lay around inoperable. And this is something you don’t want to see, especially after spending a fortune!

Reliance on Computers

As far as technology is concerned, it would be an understatement if we would not admit that for most, both personal and business, we have been overly reliant on computer use. Too reliant that while we find computers as a big lifesaver, we forget to go further when treating certain issues such as backups and computer maintenance.

Computers make our life easier. That is a fact. But it also remains that for these devices to be able to work properly and efficiently, human intervention and responsibilities still remain. Here are some of the forgotten human responsibilities that account for human errors on computers these days:

1. Periodic Backup of data and system resources
2. Scandisk utilization
3. Defragmentation of Hard Drives
4. Proper Uninstallation of Programs
5. Spring Cleaning of CPU chips

These are things that are not so hard to do. But people are either afraid to try or lazy do them. Both are really unacceptable. The fact remains that computers do not have a mind of their own. They can perform certain routines but that will not happen if they are not programmed or scheduled. In short, human intervention is still imminent. Without it, a computer will sit there and do nothing but gather dust.

These days, if you want technology to work for you, you have to do your part in making it happen. A small effort will not hurt. And it is not even that complicated to do.