Could Computers have Melamine Too?

Computers normally originate from Taiwan but that is perhaps only borders away from China. China, a country now famous for scandals such as recalls and melamine infestation, may also be tagged as contributors to technology. Why? Food is certainly one of the leading products that China has been criticized over the past months but lately it has also extended towards cosmetics. With that in mind, could technology be not far behind?

The thought seems crazy but you would never know how anyone could suddenly associate melamine or any confounded product would make its way towards threatening lives. Computer rays? Radiation emissions? Any one of these factors can be easily associated with scientific discoveries and for sure, people today have become cautious on health especially when Chinese characters are concerned.

It does sound crazy for now. Computers are far from being China’s cup of tea. But when it comes to parts outsourcing, you never know when China would join the computer market. It can happen given time.

Computer parts can likewise be associated to mercury, a waste product that comes from improper disposal of used up computers. Mercury has thus far not been among the controversial elements that have made up China’s list of foul ups. But given these issues, it is only a matter of time before China or any other country like Taiwan may be associated with it.