Net PC Tablets On The Rise

This year, don’t be surprised if you see a lot of people shifting from the traditional PC or even laptops to smaller versions such as these Net Tablets. Techie freaks continue their ways as far as going with the fruits and trends of modern computing and by all means, it is all shifting towards smaller compact and portable PCs that can deliver the same aid that the seemingly ancient PCs can provide.

Netbooks are going to be hot this year, with both Dell and Sony — among others — trying to get in on the Asus Eee PC and its success as a cheap, functional laptop for light computer use. So how about a net-tablet? That’s basically what this modded Eee PC is, worked over by a Japanese modder who ditched the keyboard and turned the Eee into a handheld ultraportable tablet computer.

This trend and shift in attention is something that was expected a long time ago. The transition is obviously taking place and despite a heavy price tag for these devices during times when people should be watching their finance, technology still has its way of enticing them to spend on them.

Further, this is not restricted to private consumers. Even the corporate world is shifting to the aids provided by advanced technology and it seems that they see them as enhancers towards better business operations. Then again that was what these things were made from weren’t they?