Unplug A Powered Off Computer

When your computer is not in use, the normal understanding is that it is no longer running and is not in any manner threatened. As far as network connectivity, this is true. But as far as power surges or electric current threats are concerned, think again.

Once your computer or your automatic voltage regulator is switched off, it does not end there. The simple task of also making sure that the plug is not plugged in the outlet is another thing and apparently this is because power still runs on the sockets even if there is no power being taken from it. Especially if there are thunderstorms, be advised that a sudden electric current of any sort may affect your computer.

As it is, the plugged computer serves as a conductor to which sudden voltage surges can make its way to your computer. While not operational, it can fry your power supply, network cards or your motherboard without your knowledge. And how will you know that your motherboard has been fried? Well just switch it on and you will find no response. Chances are that at this stage, you will think that there is just some loose wires or connections somewhere. Sadly you are looking in the wrong direction.

That is why it is advisable that computer owners should be wary at times when there are storms in your area. Aside from the fluctuating current, your computer is a sitting duck and may eventually be a candidate for sudden bolts of electricity that can be a cause for computer wrecks. Take the initiative and unplug your computer from the socket. It doesn’t require much effort to do so.