Get Your 2008 Beijing Olympics Theme Today

The 2008 Beijing Olympics will be nearing its completion and for sure many people are trying to get their hands on memorabilia and souvenirs of the prestigious events. As spectators, you do not really have to go to Beijing to buy one. You can actually get one online in the form of Windows themes and wallpapers.

For some, this may come a bit late. Most people who have been waiting for the Olympics are sure to have downloaded their own share of themes, icons and wallpapers. Screensavers as well but most of these are pictures of the place and the mascots that Beijing had prepared. For sure a large demand would be the medalists and the key events such as swimming and basketball where Michael Phelps and the Redeem Team are heading the list of notable winners for the 2008 edition.

Much of these wallpapers are sure to be uploaded through the images taken from the event. While it may be drawing to a close, expect a lot of themes to be unleashed once the closing ceremonies get underway. Among the hottest names would include the best performers. Aside from Phelps, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Kerri Walsh as well as the other team competition stars are bound to be in demand some time after the said meet.

So if you want any semblance of these athletes on your desktop for souvenirs, watch out. They are sure to be spread like wildfire once the Beijing Olympics come to a close.