The Clicking Sound of Your Hard Drive

For people who have computers for quite some time, you would normally notice that your CPU would be as silent as possible. Aside from perhaps the fan or when your CD drive loads, you would hardly hear a thing.

When you boot up your PC, the beep is all you expect to hear. But what if you suddenly hear something weird such as clicking sound? Chances are you will open it up and try to find if there is something malfunctioning. In some cases, you may notice that it is coming from your hard disk. Once this happens, rest assured your hard disk is about to give way.

Hard drives have a certain life span. Some say it depends on the brand but others say that they are just the same. The thing here is that your data and files are perhaps the most important stuff to be considered. Once weird sounds start, you better start backing up your files by writing them on CDRs.

If you value your files and important documents, you should do it immediately. While you can make use of the hard disk drive for the meantime, you never know when the next time would become the last. Some say that files can be retrieved from bad sectored hard disks. But once you hard disk no longer responds, chances are you will say bye bye to all the files and the hard drive.

At this point all your hard drive can be is paper weight. It is no longer usable as powering up will just be futile for you and your hope of retrieving your files.