When Will Desktops Have Eco-Friendly Packaging?

There has been so much fuss about providing alternative packaging for laptops these days. Among them included the news that HP has changed its usual cardboard packaging into trendy and classy bags that may pass for good storage when they are mobile. While the overall packaging for shipping them in numbers may still require the use of cardboard, consumer selling will no longer need the issue of using cardboard boxes whenever a potential customer buys them.

HP and Walmart are trying to tackle the problem by shipping several laptops in the same (small) box. The laptops come in their protective bags and not a cardboard box. Not only this pollutes less, but it probably saves a lot of storage room and probably money too.


So while the global warming issue on laptops may have been solved, what about the bulkier desktop and monitor cases wherein a lot of cardboard resources are used whenever a buyer gets one of them from the computer shop? Surely a clothing bag may not be enough to accommodate such peripherals and based on what type of ideal packaging may be resorted to, this area has not been resolved or even seems to be in the process of being resolved.

Indeed, it may take some time and among the alternatives being done today is shrinking the size of new desktops to miniature ones that are supposedly to save on space. While buying one may be a one time deal only, some have turned to using recycled cardboards. But what happens to them after unpacking the computer merchandise?

Maybe a rebate program or reward for turning in the old boxes? There are a lot of possibilities. We just have to see them put into play.