Acrylic Cowboy PC Case

Normally, PC owners would want their internal peripherals such as the processor, motherboard and the hard disks to be properly installed and hidden inside the traditional PC casing. However, this casing is somewhat different. Normally we would see the casings coming in the transparent casing but this Acrylic Cowboy PC case certainly goes way beyond that. It exposes the actual parts and surely allows you to see how your computer peripherals are functioning.

Forget sleek aluminum monoliths from Lian-Li or Antec: this is where minimalism is about more than just looking pretty. The Acrylic Cowboy, previously a hard to find oddity, is now available in the U.S. for $76. It holds ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards, power supplies, and peripherals.

Just enough to hold your Motherboard (ATX and Micro ATX), your Power Supply, HDD and ODD, these Acrylic PC Case are extremely popular among Japanese Geeks. With the strict minimum this new DC-ACPCDP/B, give you on top of the basic ATX / Micro ATX 2 LED and a power OFF/ON, a reset button and one holder to carry around your setting.


Phobos Performance Gaming/Home Theater System

Here is a PC worthy of a gamer’s needs. The new system is the Phobos Performance Gaming/Home Theater System which comes with two graphic cards for standard models. According to BFG, the dual graphics card set up makes for a serious improvement in performance. The Phobos Performance Edition includes a liquid cooled Intel Core i7-920 2.66GHz processor, the dual graphics cards that run in NVIDIA SLI, one touch overclocking, free installation and more.

Such powerful specs for this appealing system which is sure to be the eye for most people looking for powerful PCs to enhance their gaming and graphics-related needs. But the question is would the specs be enough? A lot of this is due to the fact that game developers and advanced programming have become demanding as far as specs are concerned and apparently the Phobos PC aims to answer all those issues in one deal.

It is actually available now. The whole lot costs a whopping $3,000.00. Not that easy to buy considering one would think first before spending a fortune on such a PC bundle with no assurance that system requirements may soon buck a higher demand. Besides, it has been a trend to see such PCs depreciate in time and for the wise buyers, chances are they will wait a little bit more before buying this crazy device.


BMW Level 10 PC Casing

What would our PC casings look like some years from now? Well to date, we have seen various designs on how to store our PC peripherals and chips. However, if you step up and close to look at this crazy but alluring design, you may even mistake it as the PC design of the future.

The case is actually the prototype by BMW, DesignworksUSA, and computer case and fanmaker Thermaltake exists now. “Level 10” is on display at CeBIT, the world’s largest computer expo going on now in Hanover, Germany. Sporting an open design, ventilation is enhanced enough to be beyond needing such exotica as liquid cooling. The concept is similar to those lofts with all the exposed piping and ventilation ductwork. It’s positively postmodern.

Once available, expect PC owners to check out if they can afford and get a hold of this new BMW Level 10 PC design. If the price is right, surely many people will not pass it up. It is simple a design that will make you PC stand out above the rest.

There’s precious little info about this spectacular case design, so we have no idea when it might be available and at what price. We’ll be visiting the DesignworksUSA studio in Los Angeles later this month, so we’ll find out more details then.