Acer Predator Gaming PCs Recalled

No thanks to a potential fire hazard, Acer has issued a recall on their Acer Predator Gaming PCs. It seems that there is a problem with the insulation on some of the wiring within the computer gets stripped somehow and then leads to a short circuit. Then, the components inside melt or the exterior casing melts. Both things are most certainly not supposed to happen.

The models affected are the ASG7200 and the ASG7700 that were sold between May and December of 2008. If you purchased your Acer Predator during this time frame, contact Acer for a free repair of the problem. Only 215 units are suspected to be affected, but it’s still a hazard gamers should know about.

While we all have a high level or requirement for higher specs and also better performing PCs, safety comes first. There is no sense in having a high-end computer if there are issues concerning the system you are using to which it may eventually cost you more than just a defective computer for replacement. It may go to the extent of causing physical injuries or even worst loss of property and belongings such issues be unaccounted for and remedied.


Logitech Z-5 Omnidirectional PC Speakers

PC Speakers would certainly be the last thing that people would spend for. Although some people still have some brand preference such as Altec Lansing and Labtec, Logitech has joined the fray with these new Omnidirectional PC speakers to perk up sound for gaming and multimedia playback using the traditional PC.

These omnidirectional speakers use the same technology that is incorporated in today’s hi-fi home theatre systems to produce real life surround effects. The Logitech Z-5 speakers use forward- and backward-firing drivers to transmit sound evenly in all directions.

This means the person sitting in the corner will experience the same level of fidelity, depth and bass as the person sitting in the centre or sides feel. Whether you are listening to your favourite track or watching movie, the Z-5 makes sure that you get bass rich sound vibes with minimal distortion at every place in the room.

The brand may direct you towards interface devices and this product may seem experimental. But if you think about it, evening the sound output seems to be a catchy twist that this speakers have to offer and if you really want to spruce up your PC sound playback, check it out and get something different for your audio requirements.


Net PC Tablets On The Rise

This year, don’t be surprised if you see a lot of people shifting from the traditional PC or even laptops to smaller versions such as these Net Tablets. Techie freaks continue their ways as far as going with the fruits and trends of modern computing and by all means, it is all shifting towards smaller compact and portable PCs that can deliver the same aid that the seemingly ancient PCs can provide.

Netbooks are going to be hot this year, with both Dell and Sony — among others — trying to get in on the Asus Eee PC and its success as a cheap, functional laptop for light computer use. So how about a net-tablet? That’s basically what this modded Eee PC is, worked over by a Japanese modder who ditched the keyboard and turned the Eee into a handheld ultraportable tablet computer.

This trend and shift in attention is something that was expected a long time ago. The transition is obviously taking place and despite a heavy price tag for these devices during times when people should be watching their finance, technology still has its way of enticing them to spend on them.

Further, this is not restricted to private consumers. Even the corporate world is shifting to the aids provided by advanced technology and it seems that they see them as enhancers towards better business operations. Then again that was what these things were made from weren’t they?


Are We Ready for Cardboard Casings?

It is a fact that we have to find an alternative to the usual aluminum casings of PCs these days but it has to be also consistent on supporting the various components of a PC. For one, the consideration should be broadened. It is not just a case of being environmentally friendly. It needs the deliberation on after-effects like sustainability as to how far they can accommodate the PC requirement we know of.

Apparently this is not to downgrade the use of cardboard casings that were unveiled recently. The intent is good but still, are they feasible and effective. And based on the reviews they are biodegradable meaning they can disintegrate after years of use. If that were the case, would it not be contradicting the actual savings of a PC in terms of casing requirements? Also, would it not be something that could alter the performance of owners since it may eventually lead to deformation and exposure of vital parts?

The time element is not covered the way that it should be and this is something that developers of these Cardboard Casings must take into consideration. Again, the intent and concept is good, but it still needs to answer some areas which were obviously left out.


Viewsonic Announces 3 Low Cost PCs

Viewsonic, taking the two hot issues into consideration perhaps, has unveiled 3 low-cost, web-centric PCs that can surely be up for consideration. With the hard times we are in, saving each penny from the technological equipment we have is a must and Viewsonic seems to be adhering to these barriers as far as satisfying the demands of techie geeks today.

The line includes its first netbook, the VieBook, as well as an all-in-one and the ViePC Attached PC, which are aimed at, “assisting with the transformation of desktop PCs evolving into Web-centric displays that communicate to software applications running in the Internet”.

The VieBook netbook comes with
• 1GB of memory
• 160GB hard drive
• Ethernet LAN connection
• Wi-Fi capability
• Bluetooth compatible

Features include a 1.3-megapixel Web cam, a four-in-one card reader, three hours of battery life and Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition.
• The all-in-one VPC100
• Intel’s Atom 1.6GHz processor
• 1GB of memory
• 160GB hard drive
• Ethernet
• Wi-Fi capabilities
• 1.3-megapixel Web cam

Other features include a 16x DVD+/-RW drive, integrated stereo speakers, a three-in-one card reader and Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition.

The ViePC Attached PC is a PC box that can be attached to the back of any VESA-compatible monitor. It has the same processing, memory and hard-drive specifications as the other two models. Its connectivity options are the same as well, save for the added VGA output, serial port and four USB ports.


The Stinger 553 Desktop Dynamo

Small-form factor PCs are coming out these days and the Stinger 553 desktop is a clear example of how these things look. Obviously meant to save on space from the traditional CPU ATX tower casings, the Stinger is something that anyone would want in place of them.

As far as internal components are concerned, the stinger has a list of features that many may find familiar. This includes:

• 1x 1GE-LAN
• 8x USB 2.0 ports
• 4x SATA
• 2x RS-232 Serial Ports
• VGA Video
• Keyboard
• Mouse
• PCI Express and USB interfaces

No word on price, but mil spec anything is rarely cheap, there is an SSD and an aluminum alloy chassis to make matters even more expensive. However, for your money you are getting a tiny computer that will work under almost any conditions that can be thrust upon it without making a sound as there are no moving parts. I want one, badly, this has XP Ninja Mk II written all over it.

Certainly this type of small-form factor PC cases provide us a glimpse of the future. This is certainly something many would really find worthy to have soon.


The Dreaded Conficker Worm

The business world is in a frenzy right now and it is all due to one irritating worm, the Conficker. To date, it has infected close to 9 million computers and growing. The said worm can spread in three ways:

First, it attacks a vulnerability in the Microsoft Server service. Computers without the October patch can be remotely attacked and taken over.

Second, Conficker can attempt to guess or ‘brute force’ Administrator passwords used by local networks and spread through network shares.

And third, the worm infects removable devices and network shares with an autorun file that executes as soon as a USB drive or other infected device is connected to a victim PC.

Businesses are obviously the main prey considering that offices make use of networks to do their dirty work. However, home-based computers are not completely off the hook. Issues surrounding having a firewall and having properly safeguarding software can still be breached.

Hence, it is all about patching the loopholes. Be careful of the gadgets you plug-in and be wary of the connections you have like accessing the web. These are the spots where it can come from and to make sure, just do the necessary so you don’t end up being infected as well.

Disable the Autorun so that a PC won’t suffer automatic attack from an infected USB drive or other removable media when it’s connected.


Nvidia Unveils GeForce 3D Vision System

3D is the new battle cry for most game enthusiasts and with the new wave of graphical requirements today, Nvidia is not about to be the last one to come up with graphics card to accommodate that growing specifications as far as gaming is concerned. And to enhance the 3D gaming experience, PC users who purchase this new video card from Nvidia get a pair of glasses as well.

Nvidia’s GeForce 3D Vision system ($199) consists of software and special glasses that connect wirelessly to your PC. This approach is called stereoscopic because the computer sends separate images to each eye. Objects in the two images are slightly offset from each other—a gap the brain interprets as depth, resulting in a compelling 3D illusion.

This development was expected. As games become more sophisticated with their vast improvement as far as graphics of in-game play is concerned, it is apparent that video card manufacturers have to adhere such a need.

The price for this latest installment by Nvidia graphics card may be a bit hefty for the hardcore gamer but basing it on experience, such a price is practically a non-issue. PC enthusiasts and gamers will go at nothing to spend for their gaming requirements and at a set price of $199, it is practically nothing as long as they get the fulfilling game experience.


NVIDIA ION aims to Boost Atom-based PCs

Here is something that most graphics aficionados are bound to love. We all know that PCs are being dragged towards providing better graphics resolution and while some PC types like Atom-based PCs seem to be having issues with some gaming solutions, the NVIDIA Ion seems to have this area covered as well.

It promises to boost up to 10x the speed for graphics and video transcoding in netbook and All-in-one PCs with Atom CPUs and integrated video. With the advanced development of programs and latest improvements to graphics rendering software for pictures and videos, it looks like most PC users will not take long to check out this new technology offered by NVIDIA, a known brand name in the world of graphic cards and quality rendition.

Just check out the new NVIDIA Ion features:

The new Ion features:

• Full support for Windows Vista Premium as well as Windows 7, Premium DirectX 10 graphics with advanced digital display connectivity
• CUDA technology unlocks the processing power of the GPU to accelerate video transcoding and run the most compute-intensive applications
• Premium 1080p HD video with true-fidelity 7.1 audio

So for the millions of PC users that have this Atom-based PCs, here is a good solution to your computer graphic woes. It is bound to provide you with better visualization and PC performance, particularly the ones who have to make do with the current technology that they have as far as graphics rendering is concerned.


HongKong: The Country with Most PC Users

We are pretty much aware that people who use computers for personal or busiss are growing each day but did you know which city in Xinhua has the most number of personal computer users in their household? The answer is HongKong!

For years, HongKong has been known to have a high volume of digital users, using PCs for graphics designing or plainly surfing the web. Either the population for technology has grown or many old hands have been fascinated with the gift of the PC and what it can truly do for them. Whatever the reason is, the PC is growing in numbers, alongside the evolvement of other devices like notebooks and handheld devices.

About 4.2 million of people aged 10 and over, or 68.2 percent of all people in that age group, had used PCs at least once in the year before the survey, and 2.4 million people aged 10 and over, or 39.1 percent of that age group, had used online Government services to handle personal matters.

IT usage in the business sector has stabilized in recent years. The percentage of establishments using PCs was 63.1 percent in 2008, representing a marginal fall of 0.7 of a percentage point on a year earlier.

Thus combined, it should not be surprising if the use of PCs and the continuous evolvement of the technology racks in larger numbers. And from the looks of it, many other cities and countries for that matter will follow HongKong’s lead.